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th March 2015

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CS,President & ACS met GM(HR)  & DIR(Vig) on 03-03-2015.

We discussed with GM(HR) about PA-PS promotion both LDCE & Seniority quota.We expressed our anxiety about delay in the process.We expressed our dissatisfaction about the way of  EARS implementation.We said till date it has not been implemented for all & without any discussion dept.has published order to attach it with salary.We also pinted out that for a cancer patient HCU unjustifiedly disallowed certain medicines in outdoor bill also.We requested for some transfer & posting.

GM assured to look into the request & for HCU case he told to check the matter then proper action may be taken.For EARS he told that he was unaware of such order and he will inquire it.

Dir(Vig) assured us about Dipankar Saha case will be settled very shortly as answer to query of CVC sent from CTD.Other cases are also dealt with proper priority & promptness.

Request transfer cases of Accounts personnel has been forwarded to GM(Fin) who left office when we went to meetCS intimated over phone and may meet GM(Fin) today to express our anxiety regarding some matters.


CS writes to GM(Fin.) & GM(HR) for request transfer of AO and AGM respectively.

(click here to see transfer request forwarded by CS)


CS,President,Adv(E),took part in CENTRAL OFFICE BEARERS AND CIRCLE SECRETARIES MEETING HELD ON 25th and 26th February 2015 AT ANDHRA ASSOCIATION BUILDING, LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI. Com.Amit Gupta was also invited by GS.

The Views and suggestion placed by our Circle are as follows:

1.JTO-SDE(67%) posting:

 We demanded that as soon as the case is vacated the posting may be given at once without waiting for the vigilance clearance.Later the same may be done by the respective circles. It has been already done in JAO-AO order.This proposal was well accepted by the house & GS agreed to pursue in this line.

2.Look after arrangement in SDE & higher post:

  We strongly opposed about the present practice of giving LA instead of Officiating promotion.We demanded that Officiating promotion system should be restored.And in the meantime CTD is forcing to take LA as mandatory which is to be made optional.

GS told that the order quoted by CTD for mandatory LA is inappropriate,it is applicable for regular promotion,LA is always optional.He advised CS to take the case with CTD administration.He also agreed to pursue for Officiating.

3.Anomaly in JAO-AO Promotion:

   We pointed out that in the recent JAO-AO promotion there are gross anomalies.GS accepted the fact & told that we did not pressed so much against it in order to release the order early to avoid further delay.But as and when it was pointed out amendment are being issued by the active persuasion of CHQ.More re allotment/modification may be issued in future.

4.Long pending HR cases like AD(OL) upgradation,PPS post creation,JTO(RR), 5 increments for JAO 2013 Batch:

   We raise the points for immediate settlement.GS accepted that all the cases particularly AD(OL) case is very very long pending.He informed us that HR policy has been accepted in the last meeting of the BSNL Board. Till this time they were not discussing HR issues.Now it will be easy to pursue and hoped for early settlement.

5.FR 22(1)(a)(i) for Officiating JTOs:

   We thanked GS for implementation of Court award the the our officiating JTOs & requested to arrange for extending the facility to JTOs who officiated till 2004.

GS agreed and assured that CHQ is thinking about Court Case in this regard if required.At the same time GS informed that cases in Supreme Court are higlhy expensive,lawyer charges are Rs 3-3.5 lakhs per hearing. Already lot of expenditure has been made to fight the Offtg JTO case. He urged upon the CSs to collect fund for Offtg JTO case from members for extending financial aid to CHQ.




 A function felicitating Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL was held during the joint meeting of Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA at 19.00 hours on 25.2.2015 at Andhra Bhavan, New Delhi.


Com. P Vegugopal, President AIBSNLEA on behalf of AIBSNLEA presented Bouquets to the CMD.


Com Ravi Shil Varma , President AIGETOA on behalf of AIGETOA presented Bouquets to the CMD.


Com.  R P Sahu, GS AIGETOA presented Shawl to CMD.


Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA presented memento.


Com. P Vegugopal, President AIBSNLEA in his welcome speech mentioned that the present CMD is BSNL optee and under his guidance BSNL will definitely flourish.

Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA in his speech welcomed one and all.  He mentioned that inspite of the busy schedule, CMD has accepted our request and attended the function for which he expressed his gratitude.  He mentioned that it is great pleasure for all of us to have the CMD like Shri Anupam Shrivastava.  He has briefed about the field experience the CMD has in various circles.  He also mentioned about the struggle of the AIBSNLEA and BSNL Unions and Associations in pursuring the DoT administration to have BSNL opted Board of Directors and CMD.  He also mentioned that with the talent of Shri Anupam Shrivastava become CMD of the great organization BSNL.   He also mentioned that he is legend in the Telecom Industry and we are confident that under his leadership BSNL will grow much.  He is one of the officer like all of us who has taken absorption under 37A.  GS AIBSNLEA on behalf of both association assured whole hearted support to achieve the targets set by the BSNL management.


He also mentioned about the Parliament March and memorandum with 1 Crore Public Signature to the Hon'ble P.M. He also mentioned about the discussions taken place in the meetings important and burning issues of executives viz. CPSU cadre hierarchy, E2 – E3 pay scale to JTO and SDE equivalent executives.  It is mentioned that DoT has cheated all the BSNL absorbees by giving written assurance for Govt Pension under Rule 37A by subsequently mentioning the 60%-40% formula for contribution condition in the pay revision by the BSNL.  Though DoP&T has agreed to fix the pension the same has not been implemented and the pension liability of the BSNL is equal to the receipt side.


Making  such clause in the Pension revision will definitely burden the BSNL and BSNL is economy is badly affecting due the such financial burden.  The pension contribution of the retired employees of erstwhile DoT and MTNL is also being made on the BSNL and requested look into the matter for the better benefit of BSNL.  He also mentioned about the issue of AD(OL), PPS Posts creation and lack of concern in the HR team of BSNL CO who takes care of everybody.   He also mentioned about the limitation of CMD in many cases but requested to look into these aspects. He also mentioned about the shortage of Suma Cards in many circles, lack of stores, etc.   He mentioned that we have already submitted the joint resolution to the BSNL management which is pending in the Corporate, which is frustrating the executive community of BSNL and requested to spare some valuable time to settle such burning issues.


He wished great success and assured fullest support on behalf of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.  He mentioned that under the leadership of Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL will definitely grow.


Com. Ravi Shil Verma in his speech on behalf of the gathering extended fullest support, presence, and are ready to work 24 x 7 Hrs for the revival of the BSNL and is waiting for your direction.  All the HR issues are leaving with him being the head of the organisation.


Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL thanked the gathering.  He mentioned that there is big BSNL Board meeting fixed for tomorrow morning and many works are to be completed.  He mentioned that there are many HR issues pending and lot of pressure.  He mentioned that the vehicle will move with two wheels only and the BSNL Management and Associations are the two wheels of the BSNL.  He assured that he is ready to sit with the Association to settle the HR related issues of executives.  He mentioned that BSNL fallen down to the lower level from the No.1 status to No. 10 in revenue generation and No. 5 in Market Share.  There is a life in the organization and are still able to manage operational expenses.  Once we make the BSNL profitable all the HR related issues will definitely restore and the aspiration of the members will be met by the BSNL management.


Com. J Saibaba, AGS, CHQ AIBSNLEA expressed vote of thanks.   <<<<<Click here for glimpses>>>>>>>



JTO to SDE promotion case in the Hon High Court of Kerala postponed to 05.03.2015 


CS & President took part in the parliament march on 25/02/2015 from AIBSNLEA/CTD. Adv(E) & Com.Amit Gupta also participated .Around 5000 employees took part in the rally. (click for glimpses)

After that massive movement it has come to the media that Rs.11000 crores will be invested to revive BSNL.On 27/02/2015 FORUM leaders met in New Delhi & decided the following:

Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations in its meeting held on 27th February 2015 has decided as follows:

a) Two Days Strike will be organised on 21 -22 April 2015, instead of the proposed Indefinite Strike from 17thMarch 2015. The Strike notice will be served on the CMD BSNL on 12th March 2015 after holding a massive demonstration in front of BSNL Corporate Office. Demonstrations should be conducted on the same day at SSA/Circle levels. Press Conferences to be organised on the day at Circle levels, and if possible at SSA levels.

b) The Signature Campaign will continue till 31st March 2015 and the additional signed Memorandums will be presented to the Prime Minister on that day. The Memorandums should be sent to Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener Forum, D-7. Telegraph Place, Gole Market, New Delhi - 110001 so as to reach before 31-03-2015.

For seeing the complete text of the minutes of the meeting <<<Click here >>>


Com.Anutosh Nandi Ex- BS/South is retiring due to superannuation on 28/02/2015.We wish him happy,healthy and peaceful retired life.

Other Comrades retiring on 28th February 2015:

South Branch:         1)Com.Sukumar Palit -SDE/Intl/Alipurl   2)Com.Debi Charan Prasad-SDE/Stores/Behala   

         Com.Sukumar Palit donated Rs.2000/- to South Branch   

TB Branch:                1) Com.Malina Bhattacharya-AD(OL)/HQ     2)Com.Chiranjit Chanda -JTO/HCU

We wish all of them very happy,healthy & peaceful retired life on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD.


JTO to SDE case at Hon Ernakulam High Court postponed to Monday, 02.3.2015 as bench is not sitting on 26th afternoon.


JTO to SDE promotion case in the Hon High Court of Kerala postponed to 26.02.2015 for final disposal after preliminary hearing today as the bench is not sitting today afternoon. 

Assn is trying to ensure that all the JTOs recruited from 1995 to 2001 are covered in this DPC.


CS,President & Adv(E) reached New Delhi to participate in Parliament March on 25/02/2015 on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD. They also will attend CS & OB meeting conducted by AIBSNLEA/CHQ.


The 4th Branch conference of AIBSNLEA/South Branch held today at Conference Hall Alipur Area Office. CS,President,CFS  & Adv(E)/CHQ were invited.CS/AIRBSNLEWA was also present.Com Amit Gupta our beloved leader graced the occasion.About 85 members of south branch took part in the session.Branch President presided over the meeting.BS placed his report & FS placed audited accounts.These were adopted unanimously.5 members discussed on organisation agenda.CS appraised the latest developments & organisational position to the house.President,Adv(E) and other guests also addressed the gathering & greeted the members.

At last a strong committee headed by

Com.Atanu Majumder-Secretary(9432001268)                                        (glimpses of the programme)

Com.Biswajit Bandyopadhyay-President(8902000252)             

& Com.R Hema-Treasurer(9432001551)

elected unanimously for the next term


Congratulation! Due to our continuous effort 2nd phase of re allotment order of AO promotion issued(see order).We are pursuing to get further re allotment.


Convention in support of 25/02/2015 Parliament March & 17/03/2015 Strike to SAVE BSNL! SAVE NATION!! held in the call of FORUM/CTD at Subarna Banik Samaj Hall,Kolkata.FORUM leaders from different constituent were present on the dais.Com.Tridip Chakraborty President AIBSNLEA/CTD presided over the meeting.Our members participated in the convention from all the branches.

CS in his deliberation reiterated the need of unity to make the struggle successful & stated his firm belief that we must win because we did it earlier to resist DoT to sell share of BSNL.

(see glimpses) 


AIBSNLEA/CTD has sent names of 32 Officiating JTO members to AIBSNLEA/CHQ  17-02-2015for further action for fixation under  FR22(1)(a)(i).


GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regarding recommendations of Management Committee of BSNL Board on Consultant’s recommendation on Revival & HR Plan of BSNL - Comments of AIBSNLEA <<<Click here for letter>>>>  <<<Click here for letter dated 07.01.2015>>>>>   <<<Annexure-I of letter dated 07.01.2015>>>   <<<<Annexure-II  of letter dated 07.01.2015>>>


All BSs are requested to send the names of our JTO(Offtg.) members by today positively to CS for onward submission to CHQ for further action to give fixation under FR22(1)(a)(i).This is urgent.

All BSs are also requested to prepare and send list of regular JTO members who officiated earlier since 2004 separately to CS so that we can pursue further their fixation also.Early disposal is solicited.


CS & ACS(HQ) of AIBSNLEA/CTD met DIR(HR) Sri A N Roy and greeted him with flower bouquet today at Oberoi Grand at 11-15 AM.We discussed about several problems faced by our members.We emphasized for taking immediate steps for JTO-SDE(67%) promotion & vigilance clearance may be taken by respective circles before final posting.Dir(HR) appreciated our view assured to get this proposal examined.We also demanded long pending AD(OL) upgradation,PPS post creation & other issues.A memorandum in this regard was submitted to him (click here to see)                                        (Glimpses of meeting with Dir/HR)


CS writes to CGM/CTD for preparation of fresh station seniority list  ( see letter)

13.02.2015: Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub-Divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 15.02.2015 - deferred till further order due to multiple court verdicts resulting into contradictions and administrative constraints thereto   <<<Click here for letter>>>


BS South intimated the 4th Branch conference of AIBSNLEA/CTD/SouthBranch will be held on 21/02/2015 at Conference Hall in Alipur Area 2/5A J.C.Road,Kolkata-700 027 at 1-30 PM

13.02.2015 All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to arrange a list of offg. JTOs, who are the member of AIBSNLEA for extending the benefit of fixation of pay under FR 22 (1)(a)(i) to produce before the Hon'ble CAT PB, New Delhi for further necessary action. <<<<Click here for letter>>> 


CEC meeting held on 12-02-2015 decided unanimously that our demand for immediate persuasion for implementation of 67% SDE promotion order so that it may not deferred again on the plea of Vigilance clearance.We also demand that LA order should be made optional.For account wing it was decided to pursue that further transfer order should be issued after preparation of updated station seniority list.We will demand to CTD administration that EARS attendance should be implemented uniformly for all executives & non executives.

CS requested all members to attend convention on 19-02-2015 at Subarna Banik Samaj Hall at 2 PM in the call of FORUM.

CS,President & Adv(E) will participate in Parliament March on 25/2/2015 at New Delhi on FORUM call.


CTD administration extends cashless facility with Kothari Medical Centre upto 31/03/2015 (see order).


Forum leaders met CGM/CTD on 11-02-2015 regarding closure of Call Centre.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD CS & President were present..Forum expressed their strong resentment regarding arbitrary closure without discussing with staff side.After long argument CGM requested to restore normalcy & submit their demand in black & white and agreed to convey it to BSNL CO.It was assured that all the staffs there will be deployed suitably.


An emergent CEC meeting will be held on 12-02-2015 at to discuss about forthcoming parliament march on 25-02-2015 ,CHQ meeting and other important matters.All CEC members and OBs are requested to attend in time.


Why BSNL Employees are going to Indefinite Strike from March17 2015?   

<<<<Click here for detail news>>>


All the Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure that the Signature Campaign of One Crore signatures from the public is to be completed before the

Parliament March (25.02.2015) as per the target given to Circles.


CS,President,ACS(HQ),ACS(F) & ADV(E)/CHQ met GM(F) and discussed the problems about AO promotion reallotment ,modifications and forego, if any.He assured that all the cases will be judged on merit and appropriate action will be taken.We also discussed about some request transfer cases & pending transfer cases,he told as actions are being taken.We requested him to consider indoor medical case reimbursement and he committed to settle that. We requested him to ensure that draft station seniority list of AOs may published in 'Medha' in order to avoid discrepancies.He assured to look into.

Later a meeting of  Accounts wing held in 8 Hare Street Club Room. More than 70 members participated to discuss some problems regarding latest development regarding the attitude of management towards us. President,CS elaborated the latest condition.After thorough discussion we decided to take TU actions in appropriate manner & time if the attitude of management is irrational.



Status of JTO(T) to SDE(T) CPC: Hon’ble High Court Kerala stayed JTO to SDE promotions for three weeks.

The applicants filed an appeal against the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench Judgment in the Hon’ble High Court Kerala. Hon HC stayed the promotions for three weeks with directions to BSNL to file the reply in three weeks time. AIBSNLEA advocate opposed the stay on promotions from JTO to SDE. However Hon Court given interim stay for 3 weeks. The case is listed for hearing after 3 weeks.

GS met with Addl GM (Pers) and requested to continue the CPC process so that as soon as the stay order is vacated, the promotion orders from JTO to SDE may be issued immediately.


CS,President,ACS(HQ),ACS(Eng.), BS(North),BS(Howrah) & other leaders of Howrah Branch mt GM(NWO)/CFA-I Sri S.N.Banerjee on a courtesy visit at BE College Exchange on 03/02/2015 at 4 PM.We greeted GM with a flower bouquet & sweets.

We make GM aware of some burning problems like posting of AO,DGM in Srirampur Area ,paucity of stores material etc.We also requested him to take special initiative for sanctioning medical reimbursement of Com.Partha sarathi Sarkar JAO/North.

GM appreciated our view and agreed to take proper steps.

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