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CS,President,ACS,AFS & FS attended the GB meeting of North Branch at Baghbazar exchange on 23-07-2016.The meeting was presided over by Branch President and conducted by BS.Detail reporting of AIC was presented & CS explained the importance of verification in implementing the achieved benefits by us. Around 45 members were present.Cs aws congratulated on being elected as OS(E) in AIC.

Some members returned after bitter experience in sister organisation.We congratulate them.



Removal of 60:40 Clause towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retires employees: DOT ultimately modified the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees vide letter number 40-13/2013-Pen(T) dated 20.07.2016 <<<Click here for letter>>>. Now-

a. The pension liability in respect of employees of DOT/DTS/DTO who retired prior to 01.10.2000 is solely borne by Government of India and the BSNL will have no liability in respect of these employees.

b. The liability towards pensionary benefits including family pension to the BSNL employees (excepting those recruited after 01.10.2000), as per sub-rule 22 of Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 lies with the Government of India. The condition that the annual pension liability of the government shall not exceed 60% of the annual receipts to Government from the item specified in the O.M. dated 15.06.2006, is hereby rescinded.

c. BSNL will continue to discharge pension liability by way of pension contribution in accordance with FR 116.

This is an another feather in the cap of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA,  who fought and persuaded from bottom to top to get a rid from this arbitrarily imposed provision on BSNL and thus ensures bright future of DOT/DTS/DTO employees aborbed in BSNL.


GS, AGS (Finance) and AGS(C/E/Arch/TF) met DDG(Estt) and Director (Estt) DOT and extended thanks for issuing the 78.2% IDA Pay fixation order of BSNL Pensioners and 60:40sharing provision withdrawal order  on 21-07-2016 by  DOT.


A GB of North branch will be held on 23-07-2016 at 4-00 PM at Baghbazar Exchange.CS & other circle leaders will be present. Discussion will be held about AIC,Mysore.


Important CHQ News


Withdrawal of 60:40 Pension sharing provision of BSNL Pensioners:

GS, AGS  (C/E Arch/TF) AIBSNLEA met DOT Officers regarding withdrawal of 60:40 pension sharing provision of BSNL Pensioners.  It is informed that a separate order 60:40 provision withdrawal is under process to Secy. (T) for approval and the necessary order in this regard is expected shortly. (Most probably by tomorrow).


Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre:

The proposal of restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre approved by BSNL MC has been sent to DoT for ratification. We will now pursue it in DoT for an early approval.

GS writes to Shri Justice Satish Chandra (Retd), Chairman, 3rd PRC regarding the views of AIBSNLEA on the questionnaire circulated by the 3rd PRC and requests to grant a time to present our views in person on the proposed pay and perks structure of the executives in CPSEs effective from 01.01.2017 <<<Click here for the letter>>>


Congratulations !

AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the long pending orders for Revision of pension of BSNL pensioners / family pensioners, who retired prior to 16.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay / Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment.

<<<Click here for the DoT OM dated 18.07.2016>>>

AIBSNLEA extends its thanks and gratitude to the then Hon'ble MOC & IT, Secretary (T) and all officers and officials of the Establishment Cell and other concerned Cells of DoT for their kind hearted support. in resolving the long pending issue of BSNL Pensioners.


CS,President,ACS attended the GB meeting of South Branch on 15-07-2016 at Kalighat Exch.Branch President presided over the meeting,BS conducted it.More than 50 members attended despite bad weather condition.CS & President were felicitated.We conveyed our sincere congratulation to CS on being elected as OS(E) in the AIC.The south branch promised to uphold the unity & fight to get the best result in the forthcoming verification despite all odds.Some local problems were highlighted by BS in his speech.He also appraised the house about the steps taken in this regard.

Circle President elaborated the proceeding of AIC & praised the commendable role of CTD representatives,especially some young comrades from South.

CS in his deliberation not only depicted the proceedings of AIC but also reminded of our task before,during & after verification.



GS writes to:

Mrs. Sujata Ray,Director (HR), BSNL Board, regarding request  for declaration of results of provisional candidates appeared in the JTO LICE(T), where the TTA examination was held after 31.12.2007-  <<<Click here for letter>>>


United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA leaders Meeting with Addl. Secretary (T)

GS alongwith GS AIGETOA and JS North AIGETOA met Addl. Secretary Telecom Shri N.  Sivasailam and discussed the status of Pay scale and Superannuation Proposals sent by BSNL. AST emphasized that by not extending the standard pay scales all these years and doing recruitment on non-standard pay scales was not good on the part of BSNL and the same should have been rectified way back. BSNL kept the issue hanging for all this time just on the pretext of sending queries and receiving counter queries.


We said that for failure on the part of BSNL Management, the employees who have been given sub-standard pay scales cannot be penalized and now when the BSNL management has taken some corrective action in the form of recommendation of the proposal for replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A pay-scales with E-2 pay scale to JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 to SDE/AO/Equivalent and pay scales  E-3 to E-6 by  E-4 to E-7 respectively,  and  the  same should be done in the minimum possible time. We informed AST that queries sought by DoT from BSNL has been replied to and his intervention for an early action is required in the case. We also informed that the proposal had been lying in DoT without any significant progress on the issue for last one month.


The Addl. Secretary (T) emphasized that the issue has become very complex and DoT cannot take any decision on without consultation with DPE as the case relates to replacement of non-standard pay scales.  We told AST that already DPE has given its feedback that non-standard pay scales should be replaced with the standard pay-scales. AST told that personally he is not in favor of upward revision of Pay-scales. AST told that financial losses should be taken care of in such situations which has already been taken care of by BSNL. We emphasized that even financial has also not been taken care of as projected by BSNL. In actuality, the executives are facing huge pay loss vis-à-vis the per-revised scales and that was one of the reasons, that  Khan committee has taken a decision to upgrade the scale so that this pain can be minimized a little bit.  The step taken by BSNL is one short step in right direction and hence DoT should also endorse it. We requested AST for a positive recommendation on the issue for justice to the younger executives who have been recruited on an intermediate pay scale and how DoT can even think of downgrading the scales arbitrarily without charge-sheeting or penalizing an executive. AST told that without concurrence on the issue from DPE, decision on upward revision of the Pay-scales cannot be taken by DoT. AST told that this is also necessary to avoid delay which may caused by examination of the proposal by various sections of DoT and accordingly he has decided to send the proposal to DPE expecting an early decision. AST told that he will get the proposal forwarded to DPE as received from BSNL without any further inputs from DoT and he directed JS (Admin) to send the proposal to DPE for concurrence by tomorrow evening. He said that thereafter, the outcome shall be intimated to BSNL.  AST asked us also to pursue at DPE for quick disposal from their end.


On the issue of Superannuation, AST told that he will direct the concerned wing to expedite the process and ensure a quick decision on the matter at the earliest.


From the meeting with Addl. Secretary (T), it is quite evident that path is not very easy and in fact there are road blocks at each and every corner. The way DoT is trying to negate the proposal, gives us enough glimpses for the coming days ahead. We have to remain united and sending wrong signals by presenting a disunited picture is not going to help at all. So let’s keep our flock together and speak in United Voice instead of sending feelers and scapegoats to the management and DoT.  We should also ensure that the issue and efforts done till date does not gets killed up just because of over enthusiasm of some persons. We have to remain vigilant and judicious in our approach.



Our Civil/Electrical section has been entrusted with the renovation & repairing work alongwith some new construction work by UBI.They will repair and renovate UBI HO at BBD Bag.Hats off civil & electrical comrades.



Due to our active persuasion EPP list of Electrical wing has been issued by CTD.It was our longstanding demand to consider the staff of electrical section attached to CTD full fledged CTD staff and seek vig.clearance from CTD Vig.wing only instead of WB wing  Thus the promotion can be expedited.Now it is fulfilled.


CS,President,ACSs met GM(Fin.) and conveyed our resentment for issuing transfer order of Treasurer of TB branch despite our request.We requested that he may be retained till the membership verification.GM informed that due to pressure of BSNL CO the order was issued.However he promised to look into.

We also requested him to examine the case that Sr.Acctts may be deputed as JAO as there is huge vacant post.GM assured to consider. 

We demanded better arrangement for CPC.Executives have work there without minimum space.Budget section & CPC may altered.GM sought our active co-operation in this regard.We assured.


On 13-07-2016 CS,President,ACSs met newly joined GM(HR/Admin) Sri P K Mahapatra and welcomed him with flower bouquet, sweets & memento of our Association.We hoped that with his intervention CTD may have a complete HR solution.We discussed the following issues.

1.Re-arrangement of Executives & posting in major field units particularly in external:

We appraised that in CTD the field units are suffering from lack of executives while some executives are less utilised in different administrative & other jobs.That is why the rationalisation & rearrangement is necessary.GM told that he will examine the executive strength and take suitable measures.

2.Release of DEs where orders are already issued:

We requested that before struck of in the ERP the release order may be implemented,so that flow of executives from other circle may continue.

3.Delay in Vig.Clearance for acquiring /disposal of movable/immovable property:

We appraised him according to BSNL CDA Rules in each cases Vig.clearance is not necessary.We requested to implement it in CTD. GM appreciated our proposal & assured to take steps.Our association will communicate formally in this regard.

4.Leave /Vig.clarance in ERP,full implementation & training thereof:

We requested that HR section should act as co-ordinator for implementation of ERP among the different wings of CTD.We intimated him that in different area still online leave entry is not implemented.In some area both online & in paper application are going on.There is lack of infrastructure & manpower.Proper training is not being imparted.

GM admitted our concern & assured to look into.

5.Dilapidated condition of different Exch.Building & quarter complexes:

We expressed our concern about the condition of departmental buildings such as Russa,PHS,Entally,etc & quarters,these all need immediate restorative/repairing work.Otherwise situation may be out of control.GM admitted he is aware of the fact but due to non participation of vendors in tender process on the plea of non settlement of their bills the process gets stopped.However again some efforts will be taken in this regard.

6.Delay in leave encashment after retirement:

We expressed our agony that leave encashment settlement at different area are being delayed by 8 months on an avarage after retirement causing huge loss & harassment to retired personnel.We demanded that it should be settled & given on the date of retirement like pension & GPF.GM commented that Leave salary encashment is the simplest process And it should not be delayed.He assured to look into.

7.Personal seeking transfer cases:

We informed that some request transfer cases are pending since long.Our members are suffering from various reasons.We requested GM to consider & dispose the cases at the earliest.GM assured to look into.

8.Implementation of CAT award to retired AOs:

We appraised that due to CAT award AOs got their 1st EPP in 4yrs.In some cases of retired executives it is yet to be implemented. We request immediate implementation & GM assured to see.

9.BSNLMRS benefit full implementation for the retired:

We demanded to extend cashless facilities to Cat-II hospitals to the retired.An urdertaking regarding payment of perquisite tax may be taken at the time of hospitalisation.We also pointed out that medical bills of the retired executives kept pending very long due to several reason.We want GM's intervention settling those early.

We again justified our view to introduce Category-III hospitals which will sign MOU with CTD that they will give treatment on cash basis as per CGHS rate.Later the bill will be reimbursed.GM appreciated our view & assured to look into.

10.DPC of P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC:

We informed GM that after getting promotion toDE Sri Mondal is denied of faculty allowance as he has crossed 55 yrs.We requested since this is not a new posting the clause may be relaxed so that he can get faculty allowance.

11.DPC of several promotion including PA to PS:

We requested to expedite the process of DPC especially that of PA to PS promotion.

12.Shotrage of staff in CSCs:

There is an acute shortage of staff in CSCs due retirement.As a result executive posted there have to run the counter, preparation of statements,sending report ,etc singlehandedly.If there is no staff posting immediately we will be compelled to stop working.GM noted the matter.We expect early solution.

13.JEs And Sr.Accoutants may be given additional responsibility:

Recently TTAs are redesignated as JE & Sr.Accountants are given Executive status.We proposed and requested GM to examine whether JEs can be entrusted with the responsibilities of erstwhile JE cadre & Sr.Acctts.may be entrusted the responsibility of JAOs.

The meeting ended in a very cordial atmosphere and we requested for further formal follow up meeting :   


CS attended the GB of AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal at CTO on 13-07-2016.CS in his deliberation congratulated AIRBSNLEWA for their huge achievement regarding 78.2 and abolition of 60:40 ratio regarding pension liability of DoT.This not only help BSNL executives but also ensures the interest of BSNL pensioners in future.We are the only association and our leader Prahlad Rai is the only person who wholeheartedly support Com.Amit Gupta in his fight against the malintention of DoT to curb our pension facility.CS also regarded our beloved leader Amit Gupta as our Mentor and hoped AIBSNLEA & AIRBSNLEWA will work unitedly for the sake of whole BSNL community.



CS,President,ACS attended the GB of TBH branch at 8 Hare St on 12-07-2016.The meeting was presided over by Branch President & conducted by BS.CS was felicitated with a beautiful memento on being elected as OS(E) in the AIC.

President in his speech explained about the role of AIC in fulfilling our demands about PPP-Pay,Promotion & Pension.He also explained our achievement regarding 60:40 pension contribution.

ACS in his speech urged upon attaining number 1 position in forthcoming verification.He also request our honest & earnest participation in making CTD profitable circle.

At last CS elaborated every detail of AIC,explained its significance,goal and expressed that with our efforts we will be number One and it is necessary to fulfil our achievement in true spirit.



Members of AIBSNLEA/CTD deeply mourn the sad & untimely demise of Smt.Sumita Bhattacharya,wife of our beloved leader Sri Bijoy Bhattacharya, CS,AIBSNLEA/WBT and former OS(East)/CHQ,on 10-07-2016 evening.

We convey our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members & pray may her soul rest in peace in heavenly abode.


CS,President,ACS attended the GB of Central-I & II branch at Barabazar Exch.Hindi room on 08-07-2016.The meeting was presided over by the President of both the branches jointly.BS,Central-II conducted the meeting on behalf of both the branches. More than 50% of the total membership was present. FS & former Adv(E)/CHQ were present.

At first Circle President reported the whole proceeding of AIC at Mysore in detail. Then CS,President & ACS were felicitated.  CS was presented &  congratulated with a memento on being elected as OS(E)/CHQ in the last AIC.

CS appraised the meeting about the latest position of different cases at all India level and asked to prepare hard for the forthcoming verification in order to strengthen the hand of our beloved GS.Then only we can fullfill all our legitimate demands.

ACS in his deliberation urged upon making CTD profitable.Because it is the only drawback CTD is suffering from.We have to work honestly in this regard. Former Adv.(E) greeted all for their co-operation to discharge his duty & hoped the two branches will be merged into one & take part in verification in a strong manner.



Congratulations ! TTA to JTO(T) LICE result declared .......

Click here for <<<<Letter>>>>>    <<<<List1>>>>>  <<<<List2>>>>>  


CS,ACSs met DGM(Vig) to dicuss some problem regarding new procedure of Vig. clearance for permission of acquisition/disposal of immovable/movable property & 15 point Vig.format.

After detail discussion it has been understood that as per BSNL CDA Rules in every case Vig.clearance for acquiring permission is not required.Administration can give permission on its own.It is mandatory only in the case of dealing with some with whom there is official relation.If administration feels necessary then only they can seek vig.clearance in specific cases.Then vig.will try to ascertain disproportionate asset,if any  & check all the documents in detail.

We decided to communicate with CGM/CTD in this regard to simplify the process so that the whole process of permission may be expedited.

On discussion of method of 15 point vig.format in case of LA arrangement DGM told that it is mandatory to take vig.clearance.However efforts are being taken to make the process online through ERP very soon.Thus the delay may be avoided.

The case of Sri Sukumar Chakraborty Offtg. JTO has been discussed with AGM-St-1.Guideline in this regard has been given to him accordingly.


Shri Manoj Sinha, takes over the charge of Minister of States for Communications<<<<Click here to know more about our Minister>>>>>


One more feather in the cap of achievements of AIBSNLEA - 78.2% IDA Pay fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners and removal of 60:40 liability sharing provisions in the BSNL Pension Rules 37-A approved by Union Cabinet.

At the time of granting 78.2% IDA Pay fitment benefit to BSNL employees on 10.06.2013, it was assured by DoT that BSNL Pensioners will automatically get the benefit on actual basis as the Pension is the right  of Pensioners but later on the issue was made complicated that since the BSNL serving employees have been granted actual benefit w.e.f 10.06.2013 than how BSNL Pensioners can be given actual benefit from 01.01.2007. And, since there is no provision exists for notional Pension Pay fixation, the matter was referred to DoP&W and DoE by DoT to give notional Pension fixation w.e.f. 01.01.2007 and actual from 10.06.2013. DoP&W cleared the proposal but subject to the clearance from DoE. The DoE raised some objections regarding 60:40 provision of liability sharing from BSNL under Rule 37-A. The same were clarified by DoT in the Cabinet Note which was directly sent to Cabinet with the approval of Hon’ble MoC & IT.


On the issue of 60:40 liability sharing provision made by Govt. secretly and arbitrary in BSNL’s Pension Rule 37-A in the year 2005. It was never informed to BSNL. The information in this regard was taken under RTI by our veteran leader Com. Amit Kumar Gupta, Ex. OS (East), AIBSNLEA and presently AGS, AIRBSNLEWA wherein the details on 60:40 liability sharing introduced in Pension Rule 37-A after the approval of Cabinet was known to everybody. This provoked us to ensure withdrawal of this 60:40 provision from the Rule 37-A. This provision only delayed the settlement of 78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit to BSNL Pensioners for three years.


AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA wholeheartedly took the matter with DoT, DoP&W and DoE for the implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit to BSNL Pensioners and withdrawal of arbitrary provision of 60:40 liability sharing from BSNL. Finally succeeded in convincing the concern authorities in DoT, DoP&W and DoE and got settled it from Union Cabinet. The necessary orders in this regard are expected shortly. The hurdles due to 60:40 sharing module between BSNL and Govt. are now abolished therefore on this pretext IDA Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners at the time of 3rd PRC implementation will not be an issue. This is a great achievement on the part of AIBSNLEA as well as AIRBSNLEWA.

AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA will ensure actual benefit of 78.2% IDA fitment w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Also the amount of DCRG, leave encashment and commutation of Pension of these Pensioners should be increased w.e.f. 01.01.2007 on this account. The necessary steps will shortly be taken by AIBSNLEA in this regard since Pension is the property of the Pensioners. Let us, continue our efforts to achieve full Pensionary benefits to BSNL Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2007.


Union Cabinet approves Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners Removing Anomalies:Congratulations! Efforts of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA ultimately yielded results 

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the revision of pension of BSNL pensioners and family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment, and (ii) Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees. 

The pension of BSNL pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 has been revised w.e.f. 01.01.2007 notionally with actual benefit w.e.f. 10.06.2013, by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment at par with the serving employees of BSNL. However, increase in the amount of DCRG, leave encashment and commutation of pension in respect of these pensioners shall not be increased on this account. 

The pension liability in respect of employees of Department of Telecommunications (DOT) / Department of Telecom Services (DTS) / Department of Telecom Operations (DTO) who retired prior to 01.10.2000 is solely borne by Government of India and the BSNL will have no liability in respect of these employees. In respect of employees who are absorbed in BSNL, the liability on account of pensionary benefits shall be fully borne by Government while BSNL will continue to discharge pension liability by way of pension contribution in accordance with FR-116 for the period they so work/worked. (60:40 Black Rule is now removed)

The revision entails an estimated recurring annual expenditure of approximately Rs 129.63 crore for pensioners and Rs 24.93 crore for family pensioners and arrears from 2013-14 would be Rs 239.92 crore approximately for pensioners and Rs 44.62 Crore approximately for family pensioners. Approximately118500 pensioners all over India will be benefited by this revision. 

This revision has fulfilled the long pending demand of revision of pension of BSNL absorbed employees who retired prior to 10.06.2013 and will bring the pensioners at par with the serving employees of BSNL by removing the anomalies. It will help in reducing the financial burden of BSNL and removing prospects of industrial unrest in BSNL while fulfilling the commitment of Government. 


A GB of Central-II branch will be held on 08-07-2016 at 4-00 PM at Barabazar Exchange.CS & other circle leaders will be present. Discussion will be held about AIC,Mysore.

A GB of Telephone Bhaban branch will be held on 12-07-2016 at 4-00 PM at Club room(3rd floor) 8 Hare Street .CS & other circle leaders will be present.Discussion will be held about AIC,Mysore.

A GB of South branch will be held on 15-07-2016 at 4-30 PM at Kalighat Exchange.CS & other circle leaders will be present. Discussion will be held about AIC,Mysore.


Important CHQ News

02.07.2016:  Sr. Acctt. working in BSNL get the Scale of 5500-9000 w.e.f. 01.01.1996 with financial benefit 19.02.2003 but not granted upgraded IDA Scale of 9850-14600 nor Get Group 'B' Status. as their Counter Parts get in other ministries and departments whereas Assistants of CSS get the same in BSNL. Now as per decision of CAT Sr. Accounts also gets the Group 'B' Status and scale both w.e.f. 01.10.2000 similar to Assistants of CSS in BSNL. <<<Click here for the CAT Order>>>

01.07.2016: BSNL Corporate Office issues guidelines regarding:

1. Preparation of Electoral Rolls for conduct of 1st membership verification to elect majority representative Association of Executive employees in BSNL - consolidated guidelines regarding <<<<Click here for order>>>>>

2. Non-transfer of Executive staff till completion of 1st membership verification process of Executives' Association in BSNL - revised guidelines regarding <<<<Click here for order>>>>>


Smt.Keya Chowdhury AO/CS II member of Telephone Bhavan branch & Sri Sudeb Ghosh AO/TX/ Plg member of Teritti Bazar branch retired on 30-06-2016 due to super annuation.

We wish both of them happy,healthy,peaceful & active retired life.



Due to active persuasion of our Association appointment order of newly regularised JTOs(earstwhile Offtg) issued by CTD Administration.

See MEDHA for order.


Important CHQ News

24.06.2016:  BSNL Corporate Office circulates that an OA has been filed by Shri Chet Ram & others Versus CMD, BSNL before Hon'ble CAT, Jodhpur Bench. The main grievance of the applicant in the OA is that "clause set forth in schedule in column 11 of JTO (T) RR-2014 is erroneous by which respondent department has arbitrarily provided for the absorption of officiating JTO's and making discrimination amongst its employees as it provides the double treatment for the appointment for the post of JTO against 50% internal quota by providing absorption to the screening test qualified & phase-I trained officiating JTO's and then LICE for remaining posts."

The Hon'ble CAT in its interim order dated 06.04.2016 has said "Heard counsel for applicant. We are not inclined to grant any other interim order other than that if at all any promotions are made, it will be subject to the result of the OA and all those promotees must be specifically informed of the existence of this OA, so that they can, if they want to get themselves, be impleaded".

To comply with the orders, all such promotes (Officiating JTO's, regularized as per provisions of new JTO (T) RR-2014) are informed of the existence of this OA, so that they can, if they want to get themselves, be impleaded. The case is listed for hearing on 04.07.2016. <<<<Click here for BSNL CO Letter>>>>><<<<Click here for Hon'ble CAT Order>>>>>

24.06.2016: GS writes to:

Shri Anupam Shrivastawa, CMD BSNL regarding recognition of majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL – Holding of 1st membership verification – Extension of last date for submission of applications – Our protest   <<<Click here for letter>>>

23.06.2016: BSNL Corporate Office relaxes the condition of minimum one year as on date for the Associations which are registered under the Societies Act or the Trade Union Act and allows all the Associations of serving executive employees in BSNL for participation in the verification process, which are registered under the Societies Act or the Trade Union Act as on date  <<<<Click here for the notice>>>>>

Now, as per the revised schedule the last date for submission of application is 22.07.2016 and the date of conduction of the election is 16.11.2016.


After attending 5th AIC at Mysuru 32 delegates of CTD retured to Kolkata 23-06-2016. We played a vital role on the delegate session in AIC .12 of our delegates took part  in several discussion in the house.The activities of CTD delegates were praised by delegates of all other states.

On the first day 17-06-2016 our CS placed report for CTD      (click to see). 

Our member on the hall took part as a unit & President,CS,ACS delivered their views on the dais.Advisor(E) was felicitated on the last day by the GS on the dais due to his retirement.

We were overwhelmed by the arrangement made by Karnataka Circle under the able leadership of Com.H Y Andeli.We must thank them.

Com Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay CS/CTD was elected as OS(E) CHQ for the next term.

Some photos of CTD in 5th AIC :




19.06.2016:All India Conference, Mysuru - Third Day : 19th June 2016:

The session on third day commenced as per schedule with pending items of earlier session/dayGeneral Secretary's report approved unanimously.

Statement of Accounts approved unanimously.

 Elections for the new body held unanimously. The complete list of the Central Office Bearers, Auditor and Advisors is as mentioned below: <<<<Click here for the letter addressed to CMD regarding the election results >>>>>

Central Office Bearers:











Shri S. Sivakumar


STR, Tamil Nadu



Vice President - I

Smt. K.N. Baby Rani

SDE (T),




Vice President - II

Shri Appalal J Chakoli

SDE (T),

QA, Karnataka



General Secretary

Shri Prahlad Rai

DGM (T),

BSNL CO, New Delhi



AGS (Head Quarter)

Shri N.L. Sharma

AGM (T),

BSNL CO, New  Delhi



AGS (Engineering)

Shri B.S. Reddy

DGM (T),

Andhra Pradesh



AGS (Finance)

Shri Raj Pal Sharma


BSNL CO, New Delhi



AGS (Civil/Elect/Arch/TF)

Shri P.C. Joshi

SDE (E),

NTR, New Delhi



AGS (PS/CSS/Others)

Shri K.P. Nair





AGS (Direct Recruits)

Shri Ajay Kaswan

SDE (T),




Finance Secretary

Shri T.C. Jain


BSNL CO New Delhi



Organization Secretary (North)

Shri Devesh Sharma

JTO (T),




Organization Secretary (South)

Shri Udayasuriyan P.

DE (T),

Chennai TD



Organization Secretary (East)

Shri Prusun Kumar Mukhopadhyay

DE (T-LA),

Calcutta TD



Organization Secretary (West)

Shri C.M Saste

DE (T),

ITPC, Maharashtra




S. No.









Shri Bhagwan Singh

SDE (T), Rajasthan




S. No.








Advisor (East)

Shri S.K. Jena

SDE (C), Odisha



Advisor (West)

Shri M M Kanani

AGM (T), Gujarat  



Advisor (North)

Shri Karan Singh

DGM (T), Rajasthan



Advisor (South)

Shri S. Narender

AO, ITPC, Andhra Pradesh



Advisor (Central)

Shri Parvez Khan

SDO (T), Madhya Pradesh



Advisor (Head Quarter)

Shri Satish Kumar

SDE (T), QA, New Delhi



Advisor (Legal)

Shri R. Guru Prasad

DGM (Finance), Tamil Nadu



Advisor (General-I)

Shri M.S. Srinivas

DE (T), STR, Karnataka



Advisor (General-II)

Shri Dinesh Meghwal

JTO (T), Rajasthan



Advisor (General-III)

Shri Naresh Thakur

DE (T), Himachal Pradesh



Advisor (General-IV)

Shri A.K. Singh

SDE (T), UP (East)



Advisor (General-V)

Shri Alkendra Singh

EE (E), Rajasthan



Advisor (General-VI)

Shri Basudev Chakraborthy

CAO, ETR, West Bengal



Advisor (General-VII)

Smt. Ashwini P. Bharati

SDE (T), Maharashtra


<<<<Click here the photos of AIC on 18.06.2016 >>>>Advisors:

18.06.2016: All India Conference, Mysuru - Second Day : 18th June 2016:

The session on second day commenced as per schedule with pending items of earlier session/day. Circle Secretaries report continued. Circle Secretaries presented their  report on the organizational activities in the Circle with membership status, Quota paid, actions taken to increase the membership, details of total executives working in the Circle, membership of all the associations, status of co-ordination  and relations with AIGETOA in respective circles, matters taken up and settled with respect Circle administrative, Pending individual and common cases required attention and intervention of CHQ and new issues to be taken up with the BSNL Corporate office.

The proceedings of AIC of AIBSNLEA adjourned at 11.30 Hrs for a while for the Joint Session of the United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.

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After opening remarks by Com. P. Venugopal, President, AIBSNLEA, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, President, AIGETOA, Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA and Com. Amit Roy, AGS, AIGETOA the discussion opened for the delegates.

The joint session continued even after the lunch break till 17.00 Hrs. Thereafter, the normal proceedings of the AIC resumed with the report of Circle Secretaries.

Com. G.S. while summing up replied all the queries raised by the Circles Secretaries and assured to take up the pending issues and the new issues raised by the Circle Secretaries in the conference.  He also stated that most of the issues are already covered in the GS report and due importance will be given to the new issues raised in the conference and will be pursued with the BSNL management.

GS requested all the Circle Secretaries to put maximum efforts to increase the membership to face the verification not only to become no.1, but with major margin of votes.

GS stated that as regards the court cases, AIBSNLEA is the party in all the cases and the case being persuaded regularly and senior advocate from Delhi will be representing the case in the next hearing.

All the Organizing Secretaries, Assistant General Secretaries and Advisors have presented their report.

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17.06.2016:All India Conference, Mysuru - First Day : 17th June 2016

After hoisting of the Association flag by Com. P. Venugopal, President & General Secretary Com. Prahlad Rai, the Slogans like �AIBSNLEA - Zindabad�, �AIBSNLEA � UNITY -Zindabad� etc., the AIC is commenced. Com. P Venugopal, President in his opening remarks requested all the participants to discuss the agenda items with valuable suggestions and to co-operate with the dais in order to arrive at a concrete conclusion towards the strengthening the association and also about the viability of BSNL.  He informed that AIC is scheduled for 3 days including the Open Session, where CMD BSNL, Director (CFA), BSNL Board and other senior officers and various other trade unions / association leaders are expected to address the gathering and requested the members to utilize the 3 day�s time properly. He apprised that CHQ is making its best efforts in settling the issues of concern of executives in BSNL and assured that CHQ will continue to make its� efforts for settlement of the pending issues.

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> Observation of one minute silence in memory of departed comrades.

> Confirmation of minutes of the 4th AIC Nashik

> Report of Circle Secretaries continued till lunch break and thereafter the house was adjourned for open session..

After the Lunch Break a procession with chariot was taken from Maruti Temple to Senate Bhavan by the delegates representing the entire country.  It was joined by Hon. Chief Guest Shri Anupam Shrivastava and Shri NK Gupta, Director (CFA), New Delhi and Shri Nagaraju, CGMT Karnataka Circle, Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, Com. P Venugopal, President, CHQ, AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLEA and Com Ravi Shil Verma, president, AIGETOA.  More than 1000 delegates participated in the procession with BSNL banners and display of products and promotions of BSNL services.  All the circles delegates participated in the procession with the banner of their respective circles.  CMD and Director CFA were very much happy to be the part of procession and appreciated the efforts.

Open Session and Seminar on "Role of BSNL in the  Telecom Sector of India" commenced with Ganesh Vandana, beautiful dances Pushpanjali, Bho Shambho Shiv Shambhu Savyambho, Nritya Giri and  Veer Bhadra dance by the students of University of Mysuru.

Hon�ble Chief Guest Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNLGuests of Honour Shri N.K. Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL Board, New Delhi along with Special Guests   Shri P. Nagaraju, CGMT, Karnataka Circle, BengaluruShri K. L. Jairam, Principal General Manager, Mysuru Telecom DistrictProf. Shri K.S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of MysoreShri A. M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL C.O., New Delhi our CHQ President Shri P. Venugopal, Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, Shri Ravi Shil Verma, President, AIGETOAShri Amit Roy, AGS, AIGETOA along with other eminent leaders of trade unions and sister Associations namely Shri P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEUShri C. Singh, General Secretary, NFTE-BSNLShri V. Subbraman, General Secretary, TEPUShri K. Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA (I),Shri A.K. Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM, MTNL, Shri Kishan Singh, General Secretary, AIRBSNLEWA,Shri S.S. Nanda, General Secretary, RTOWA (MTNL) are on dias.

 Open Session & Seminar on "Role of BSNL in the  Telecom Sector of India" formally inaugurateded bythe Hon�ble Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour by lighting the lamp.

Com. H Y Andeli, C.S. Karnataka welcomed Shri Anupam Srivastava,  CMD, BSNL and Shri N. K. Gupta, Director (CFA), Guest of Honours, VVIPs and all other dignitaries, Senior Officers, General Secretaries of other Unions/Associations, CHQ  office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, delegates, press and media representatives.   He mentioned that the gathering will discuss the role of BSNL in the Telecom. Sector of India during the seminar and during the AIC. 

Felicitation of Chief Guest Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNLGuests of Honour Shri N.K. Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL Board, New DelhiProf. Shri K.S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of MysoreShri P. Nagaraju, CGMT, Karnataka Circle, BengaluruShri K. L. Jairam, Principal General Manager, Mysuru Telecom DistrictShri A. M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL C.O., New Delhi and other celebrities on dais by presenting Mysuru turban, shawl, garland and memento. 

The Senate Bhawan hall is jam packed even hundreds of the guests who could not got seat in the meeting hall are viewing the program on LEDs provided out side the hall. 

<<<<Click here for a view of dais >>> <<<<Click here for a view of the hall >>>

Prof. Shri K.S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, Mysuru   in his addressed mentioned that he is thankful for being honoured for inviting and to become a part of the seminar on Role of the BSNL in the Telecom sector of India.    He has remembered the progress of the science with an example of computer started in 1982 and compared BSNL with it.  He is happy to spare the auditorium for the seminar.  BSNL community is a scientific community.  The progress of the BSNL is also science based. Telecom. Service is a prime factor in the overall development of the country.  He remembers the condition of telecom service prior to 30 years and the progress as on today.   The Telecom. Service is provided by BSNL in the nook and corner of the country including villages BSNL is providing complete telecom solution to telecom enterprise business.  He also mentioned that the resolution in Telecom from manual telephony to wireless upto 4G and VoIP.  BSNL has changed a lot to meet the requirement of the citizens for the benefit of its customers.  BSNL also has a customer grievance system and the same is regulated by TRAI and requested to discuss about how to increase the customer satisfaction.    He also stated that AIBSNLEA is the leading association in BSNL.  He appreciated the association is holding such seminars and looking in to the welfare of its members and doing its best to the growth of BSNL.  He opined that the professional experience of the executive to use it for the benefit of the growth of BSNL and benefit to its customers.  He also requested the delegation to discuss the ways and means for the growth of BSNL and wished the seminar a grand success and assured his full support and co-ordination. 

A souvenir to commemorate the occasion of 5th AIC of AIBSNLEA was released by the Chief Guest Hon. Anupam Srivastava.

Com. P. Venugopal, President AIBSNLEA welcomed  the dignitaries on the dais.  President has expressed his gratitude to the CS and CP and the entire executives of Karnataka, especially DS Mysuru and team.

<<<<Click here for the Address of Com President  >>>

Com. Ravi Shil Verma, President, AIGETOA CHQ appreciated the efforts of Karnataka Circle for the wonderful arrangement of the function.  He stated that BSNL is reaching throughout the country and no other operator dare to reach to the rural parts of the country.  The vision of the BSNL management is very clear and the executive also should have clear vision and to work hand in hand for the growth of the BSNL to implement the strategies and policies.  We should not even think, about any adverse action by the BSNL management.  He stated that for the executives, leader is only the CMD & Board of Directors and the management.  He also expressed that the recent trade union action was need of the hour and we have full faith on the BSNL management.  BSNL is providing the selfless and cheap services continuously for years together.  He mentioned that the cheap rate of the GSM services by the BSNL has only allowed common man to use the mobile services.  He mentioned that the BSNL which was making profit earlier has gone at loss due to the policies and now it has started turning around due to the combined hard work of employees and management.   He saluted the CMD and the efforts of BSNL management to reach to the common man during the time of emergencies and natural calamities.    He also mentioned that he has faith on the BSNL management to settle the HR issues like pay scales by considering the HR as a resource for the revenue.  He requested CMD to use his good office and settle the maximum HR issues by getting approval from DoT.

 Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA has expressed his sincere gratitude to CMD, BSNL, Director (CFA), BSNL, and  G.M. (SR) for sparing the valuable time inspite of various meeting at New Delhi  and making convenient to attend the said meeting.  He also express his sincere thanks to Prof. Shri K.S. Rangappa, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore for sparing the auditorium for the conference.   He also welcomed all other trade union / association leaders on the dais and the senior officers, delegates, press and media persons, etc.

<<<<Click here for the Key Note Address of Com General Secretary >>>

Com. Amit Roy, AGS, AIGETOA in his address stated that BSNL has contributed is 100% in changing the telecom need of the country.  Telecom in India is synonymous of BSNL.  BSNL has playing crucial role in the development of the country like digital India.  He mentioned the major burning issues of the direct recruite is that while joining we were expecting Pay, Promotion and Pension at par with other PSUs.  We are striving for standard pay scale instead of intermediate pay scale of E1A and E2A.  All other PSU have changed their intermediate pay scale and he expected that under the dynamic leader of Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, no grievance will remain pending.  He also requested to implement Khan Committee recommendation and CPSU cadre hierarchy.  He mentioned that the CMD and Director CFA has taken the converted PSU of BSNL into PSU.  Due to the support of the CMD, Director (HR) and HR team only Pay and Pension is being achieved shortly.  He expected that CMD will get the clearance of DoT to implement the E1 and E2 pay scale.  Now BSNL is in operative profit due to the positive attitude of the CMD.  Now no PSU is paying pension instead made it as superannuation benefit.  Now the superannuation benefit is paid by the trust.  He expressed that instead of 30% superannuation benefit, only 3% has been granted by the BSNL and expected that the BSNL management will make efforts to contribute atleast 12% as assured.  He requested to fulfil the promotion by introducing CPSU cadre hierarchy.  He also to make preparation for the promotion so that after getting clearance from the court after the vacation, promotion order can be issued immediately.  He requested to consider Rule 8 transfer cases while recruiting new executives.

Com.  K. Sebastin, G.S. SNEA (I) in his address expressed his gratitude for inviting him for the open session.  He on behalf of the SNEA wished the success of the AIC of AIBSNLEA and AGM of AIGETOA and expressed that the conference will come out with strategy to make the BSNL services better.  BSNL CMD and Director CFA is having various innovative ideas and Hotspot, FTTH on affordable rate is being provided by BSNL.  The IP traffic is provided only the BSNL in the country.   BSNL is in the reviving situation and management is having vibrant and positive decisions and it is the turn of the employees and executives to support and make the SWAS programme and great success.  3rd PRC will definite.  He also stated that the present management is taking various initiatives to settle the HR issues.  Working together for the betterment of the executive by the all three executive associations is required and he also stated that though there is a difference of opinion amongst the executive associations, there is no difference as far as the issues of the executives are concerned.  He expressed his confidence that together we can settle the issues.

Shri A.M. Gupta G.M. (SR) in his address mentioned that such a huge gathering he is seeing in BSNL at the first time.  He mentioned that Com. P Rai is neither silent nor a spectator and he is an actor coming with so many ideas and solutions.  He is privileged to be the part of the function and extended gratitude for inviting him and extended thanks to the CMD and Director (HR) for allowing him to attend the gathering.   Last year was the year of innovation and ideas, as we have introduced many new schemes like night free calling.  Our HR unit also has change due to the presence of CMD.  As compared to the size of the organization, the issues pointed out by Com. Prahlad Rai is very small.  On behalf of the CMD he mentioned that first is the employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction is second.  Many issues are under the active consideration of the BSNL management.  Since membership verification is notified clarification on much HR issues cannot be explained.  He also stated that solving the problem is like appearing exam, easy problems will be solved first and difficult issues will be solved later.  The issue of SWAS introduced with the support of the trade unions and association is a great idea.  The scheme FLY is how to take care of the customers with less expenditure more profit (LAMP).   There are many Govt. of India Projects in hand with BSNL due to the present P.M�s new initiatives.  He wished the conference a grand success and expected that new ideas will come out the conference and wished best wishes for the conference. 

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU on behalf of the BSNLEU and joint forum of BSNL unions and associations wishes the conference a grand success.  He appreciated the role of AIBSNLEA in defending and reviving the BSNL.  AIBSNLEA and Com. Prahlad Rai is a strong pillar of forum of BSNL unions and associations.  He stated that the executives and non-executives of BSNL unitedly conducted various struggle against the anti BSNL and pro-private policies of the successive government.  He mentioned that the employees and executives have to struggle to stop the anti BSNL activities of the Govt including the cancellation of various Tenders and to defend BSNL.  He mentioned that never BSNL has seen such type of imitative earlier which is being taken by the present BSNL management. Many heroic struggle has been done by the executives and non-executives for the procurement of equipment.  He appreciated the initiative of BSNL management for free roaming and night free call.    Forum of BSNL unions and associations has conducted one month full campaign for promoting the newly introduced schemes which is never and anywhere seen in any other PSUs, where executive and non-executives going to market places, railway stations and Bus stands.  Now we are introducing the SWAS that is Service with A Smile.  Except BSNL, no other executive or non-executive association of any PSU is telling its employees to improve the services. The growth of mobile connection in BSNL has been increased drastically as compared to the private operators, which has made TRAI to declare that BSNL is the fastest growing mobile company of the country.   He stated that more than 80% of the executives are going to retire before the next PRC that is by the year 1.1.2027, the wage revision coming into effect from 1.1.2007 is the last pay revision those who are retiring prior to 1.1.2027 and the pension will be getting by the retirees purely based on the forthcoming wage revision.  In case the wage revision is not received in 2017 it will have its effect for the entire life of the executives.  He mentioned that he is confident that the present BSNL management will take care of its employees and wished best wishes for the success of the conference.

Shri B.K. Singh, Inspector General of Police, Mysuru in his speech mentioned that Mysuru University is the 4th in the country to celebrate its century. The discussion on the role of BSNL will definitely bring out great ideas.  He mentioned that he has started his carrier in DoT and subsequently joined the IPS service.  Many things have been changed in the BSNL in the last 30 years.  He mentioned that KSRTC is the only transport corporation making profit in the entire country.  A single decision of the Karnataka state Govt. directly providing diesel and petrol to the KSRTC has made such%