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   AIBSNLEA/CTD  wishes everyone Bangla Shuvo Nabobarsho 1421


On 26/04/2014(Saturday) the 4th Branch conference of AIBSNLEA/North Branch will be held at Kasipur Exch at 3 PM.All members of the branch are requested to attend the conference punctually.

BS/North cordially invited all the circle OBs,CWC members,CHQ OBs of CTD & BSs and Presidents to be present in the conference.


On 09/04/2014 CS,ACSs,President,Fin.Secy,CWC member met newly joined GM(Fin)/CTD Sri S Kujur on a courtesy call at his chamber at TB.We greeted him with a flower bouquet & sweets as a token of respect and good wishes. DGM(SEA) was also present.There we apprised him about the two main problems of CTD: regular and timely payment of job contract labors & regularisation of tender regarding job contract so that the responsibility of vendors can be fixed up.CS also raised points about some irregularities & dissimilarities in working pattern of accounts wing in different areas.GM welcomed us very warmly & appreciated our concern & assured to sort these issues positively.He also requested us to help him to develop the working environment by timely attendance.We promised  to co operate wholeheartedly for the betterment of CTD & BSNL.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD CS expressed that CTD will win the fight & must overcome this unwanted situation & AIBSNLEA will be a part of this struggle.

CS attended the meeting with GN(NWO)/South at TB on 07/04/2014 along with ACS, OS & VP.The meeting was organised by South Branch.BS.President and other OBs of South represented their problems like posting of executives,fixation cases,etc.The meeting was fruitful,GM appreciated our views and assured to resolve the cases at the earliest.


CGM/CTD Sri Gautam Chakravarty rerires today due to superannuation.CS,ACS,OS greeted him at his chamber today with flower bouquet & some books as token of honour.CGM thanked us and the members of AIBSNLEA for support extended to the management during his tenure.We wished him happy & healthy retired life.(Click for photo)


AIBSNLEA do not resort to so called 'AGITATON' programme. AIBSNLEA.CHQ is always alert to safeguard the interest of BSNL executives as well as interest of BSNL. BSNL CO invited GS to discuss the following issues:

AIBSNLEA meeting with DIR (HR) BSNL on the kind intervention of CMD BSNL in response to our letter dated 19.02.2014:GS, FS, AGS (HQ), AGS(Fin) and AFS attended meeting with  Dir (HR) BSNL in response to our letter dated 19.02.2014 on long pending HR issues. . The following officers were also present in the meeting  GM (SR), GM (Pers.), GM (Estt), GM (Restructuring), GM (EF), GM(FP), GM(Admin), GM (CA) and DGM (SR)). DIR(HR) initiated the discussions on pressing pending HR  issues. GS thanked for arranging the meeting and initiated discussions on the HR issues as under:

1.    Implementation of Assured Executives Promotion Policy in BSNL.

(a) Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy- Change of designations on each Time Bound upgradation on functional basis. First time bound promotion on 1-10-2004 after completion of four years w.e.f. 1-10-2000 in all the cases.

We have already given the detailed letter on this issue on 20.12.2013. On each time bound upgradation to the next higher grade, the designation and the duties/ responsibilities associated with the grade should also be changed as assured at the time of absorption to the Gr.'B' officers in BSNL i.e. "Non post based time bound promotions upto SG JAG level grade and post based promotions after SAG level post ". Also first time bound promotion on 1-10-2004 after completion of four years w.e.f. 1-10-2000 in all the cases.

  •  Dir(HR) mentioned that GM (Restructuring) has circulated  a draft proposal on this issue to all the  Executives Associations for comments and discussion in the meeting shortly.  We mentioned that United Forum has already submitted common proposal on this issue but it has not been discussed in detail and management has started discussion on the CPSU Cadre hierarchy of other PSUs, BHEL, NTPC, ONGC etc. We pleaded that BSNL is a PSU converted from a Govt. Department; it has the executives absorbed from DOT and BSNL recruited.  The draft Proposal circulated seems to be an attempt to dilute the Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) rather than improving the promotional avenues of the Executives in BSNL  Dir(HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that the draft proposal needs thorough discussion since it will have bearing in the future promotion avenues of the Executives in BSNL.  He assured that no arbitrary decision will be taken to dilute EPP.  GM (Rest) assured to hold an early meeting to discuss the issue.

(b)  Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives of Civil /Elect./Architect Engg. Wings and PA/PS cadre w.e.f. 1.10.2000 on notional basis.

BSNL Management has granted benefit of residency period w.e.f. 1.10.2000 to the Executives i.e. JTO/SDE (Civil/Electrical/Arch./TF) Engineering wings, CSSs, PAs/PSs, JAOs etc. for whom the RRs were notified after 1.10.2000 and accordingly the pay scales were upgradedAfter implementation of this order no Executive has been benefited. Whereas, as per Dr. Vinay Shahi's Committee recommendations the upgraded scales for the above executives' should have been implemented w.e.f 1.10.2000 on actual basis or notional basis. Recently, notional pay fixation from 01.10.2000 in the upgraded pay scales has been allowed to JAOs. Similar treatment is required to be given to JTO/SDE (Civil/Electrical/Arch.) engineering wings and PAs/PSs cadres.

  • : We pleaded that notional pay fixation of pay w.e.f. 01.10.2000 should be implemented to JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering wings and PAs/PSs Cadre as already implemented for JAO cadre. Dir(HR) after some discussions directed GM(Pers) and GM (FP) to examine the matter at the earliest and to appraise him shortly for decision.

(c) Settlement of Pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay than their juniors: Committee headed by PGM(FP) submitted its report and denied stepping up of the pay of seniors w.r.t. their juniors as per the provision of EPP and also did not consider the advice of Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam, bench O.A. NO. 109 of 2011 with O.A. No. 110/2011 and 236/2011 judgment dated 07.12.2011 in the Seniors (SDEs promoted as adhoc DEs before getting the second TBP ) getting less pay than Juniors ( SDEs promoted as adhoc DEs after getting the second Time Bound Promotion ) case :  "The respondents are directed to step up the pay of the applicants to the level of pay of their juniors with effect from the date of arising of the anomaly of seniors drawing less pay than their juniors in respect of each of the applicants within a period of 3 months from the date of receipt of a copy of this order. However, this order will not stand in the way of the Committee set up to deal with the issue under consideration in these O.As, giving a more beneficial recommendation for the applicants."

BSNL CO, Pers. Cell appeal against above judgment has been dismissed by Hon'ble High Court Kerala at Ernakulum i.e. "Hon'ble High Court of Kerala has dismissed the petitions OP CAT 1576,1560 & 1592 of 2012 filed by BSNL against the order of Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum in OAs 109, 110, 236 & 241 of 2011(filed by Sethumadhavan & others) which directed BSNL to fix the pay of the seniors at par with the juniors drawing more pay. The Hon'ble Court also observed the unconstitutional part of the condition incorporated in the pay fixation criteria which prohibits complaining against anomalies. Court also commented that such condition is very primitive and against the fundamental rights. As the applicants in the OAs have already filed petition for contempt of court against BSNL, the Hon'ble Kerala High Court allowed three months' time for BSNL to implement the orders passed by CAT" but BSNL first filed SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court in this regard denying its implementation but later on Hon'ble Kerala High Court judgment is implemented for the applicants. We request to extend the same treatment to similar executives.

  • We pleaded for the implementation of Hon'ble Kerala High Court Judgment to all affected executives by allowing stepping - up of pay under EPP. Dir(HR) mentioned that  BSNL has filed SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court against Hon'ble Kerala High Court Judgment and efforts will be made for early hearing.  AIBSNLEA has already impleaded in the case.  
  •   Amendment in BSNL MSRRs allowing Diploma holders to the promotion of Executive Engr. (Civil/Electrical) wings at par with other discipline of executives.

As per the BSNLMSRRs, the existing JTOs/SDEs (C/E/Arch) Engineering wings having diploma qualification were not eligible to be promoted to the grade of Assistant General Manager/EE/Arch. and against the DoP&T guidelines & CPWD RRs wherein Diploma holders are also allowed to be promoted to the grade of EE (C/E/Arch). AIBSNLEA strongly protested against this discrimination and demanded to remove discrimination on the pretext of degree/diploma qualification to the promotion of EE from SDE (C/E/Arch) and parity with the JTO (T) / SDE (T) as per BSNL Board decision.

In addition to this, in the Architecture discipline, having valid registration as Architect with the council of the Architects is made compulsory, which is gross injustice to the absorbed Executives of Arch Engineering wings in BSNL.

  •  We pleaded to Dir (HR) for giving parity to JTO/SDE (C/E/Arch) with JTO/JAO and SDE/AO cadres in the promotional avenues as assured at the time of absorption by amending the BSNLMSRRs. Dir(HR) mentioned that Management is convinced to sort out the issue but due to disputes between degree and diploma holder of  Executives in Civil/Electrical Wings, the decision is delayed but now issue will be resolved shortly.
  • Implementation of E-2, E-3 IDA pay scales for JTO/JAO & SDE/AO equivalent executives in BSNL. AIBSNLEA has taken the issue many times and recently provided the letter on 20.12.2013 on the issue. As per Recommendation of 2nd PRC, DPE has issued order to all CPSEs vide Letter No. 2(70)/08-DPE(WC)-GL-VII/09 dated 02/04/2009 wherein it is clarified that "There will be no change in the ten pay scales of below board level posts as indicated in OM dated 26/11/2008 and there is no justification for introducing intermediary pay scales. In BSNL the Executives of JTO/SDE level are placed in the lower pay scales against their standard IDA pay scales E2 to E3. Almost all the Oil sector, Steel Sector and Power Sector PSUs including MTNL are already adopted the entry level Executives' pay scale starting from E2 scale. The demand to place JTOs and SDEs in standard pay scales of E2 and E3 is very legitimate.

No intermediary scales have been permitted under DPE O.Ms. dated 26.11.2008 and 02.04.2009. Generally, promotion has to be from one ‘Grade' to next higher ‘Grade' with its corresponding scale as per the promotion policy of respective CPSEs. A CPSE cannot have more than one pay scale in a grade (say DGM & GM in E8 pay scale) to promote its executives within the same grade". Ignoring the DPE O.Ms. on implementation of 2nd PRC recommendation for standard pay scales E-2 & E-3 for JTO/SDE equivalent executives, BSNL Management is continuing efforts to implement E1A & E2A intermediate IDA pay scales in BSNL for JTO/SDE equivalent executives, which is not at all justified. In view of this, standard IDA pay scales E-2 & E-3 as recommended by 2ndPRC are to be implemented in BSNL for JTO and SDE equivalent executives to provide justice.

BSNL Management is not at all serious to introduce CPSU cadre hierarchy and implementation of E-2, E-3 IDA pay scales for JTO & SDE equivalent executives. The Joint Committee of BSNL officers headed by PGM (SR), BSNL CO, New Delhi and the representatives of BSNL Executives Associations was constituted in Feb-2012 to discuss and submit its report on both the issues within a period of six months but even after a laps of two years, no serious discussions has taken place in the Committee Meetings. Executive Associations has already submitted their unanimous opinion/ suggestion on CPSU Cadre hierarchy but the Management side has not started discussion on this. Similarly, E-2, E-3 standard IDA pay scales implementation case has so far not even discussed in any meeting. It clearly shows the ignoring attitude of the BSNL Management.

  • : Dir(HR) mentioned that a proposal for E-1A & E-2A IDA pay scales for JTOs/SDEs equivalent cadres  has been sent to DoT to get approval from DPE and shortly, the decision is expected. We pleaded that since  intermediate IDA pay scales E-1A and E-2A had been rejected twice from DoT and now again DoT will reject the proposal as the  DPE has not allowed creation of intermediatary  pay scales.. He further mentioned that now DOT has assured to take up the matter with DPE to get settled. However, we further demanded implementation of standard IDA pay scales of E-2 and E-3 for JTO/SDE equivalent executives.
  •      Pay anomaly in the pay of JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batches (recruited after 01.01.2007)

AIBSNLEA has submitted its view on this issue in its letter dated 20.01.2014. Around 5000 talented Direct Recruit JTOs have joined BSNL after 1.1.2007 in JTO 2007 and 2008 batch. They are demoralized and frustrated due to a large difference of around Rs 3500/- in basic pay as compared to the JTOs recruited prior to 01.01.2007. At the time of their recruitment, it was advertised that their pay will be fixed in E1A pay scale, but it is unfortunate that their pay was later fixed in revised E1 scale.

It is worthwhile to mention here that a committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri K C G K Pillai, the then PGM (FP) to find out the possibilities to overcome the situation of the pay loss to 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs/JAOs. The committee was in favour to recommend standard pay scales i.e. E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO, but the committee recommend provisional pay of E1+5 increments only due to possible enhancement in pension contributions in that situation. Management has extended the E1+5 increments of JTO 2007 and 2008 batches but it is definitely not a permanent solution. The pay differences between the JTOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and their counterparts who joined before 01.01.2007 will boost up largely in 3rd PRC in 2017.

DoT has rejected the proposal of BSNL Management for Intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for the JTO/JAO, SDE/AO equivalent cadres. It is pertinent to mention here that as per the recommendations of 2nd PRC, DPE has issued orders to all CPSEs vide Letter No. 2(70)/08-DPE(WC)-GL-VII/09 dated 02/04/2009 wherein it is clarified that "There will be no change in the ten pay scales of below board level posts as indicated in OM dated 26/11/2008 and there is no justification for introducing intermediary pay scales. DPE has provided the guidelines that all CPSUs should switch over to standard pay scales recommended by 2nd PRC. It is pertinent to mention here that many PSUs in Oil, Power and Electrical sectors including the MTNL have already switchover to the new standard IDA pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as per the guidelines of DPE.

  •  :Dir(HR) mentioned that the matter has been examined but after 01-01-2007 the pay Fixation cannot be given in the pre=revised pay scales to the executives appointed after 01-01-2007 .  We further requested to give parity with respect to JTOs 2005 batch who joined after 01-01-2007. 
  • 30% Superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines.

This Association has already submitted its crystal clear views about the issues related to provisions of Superannuation Benefits to directly recruited employees in its letter dated 20.12.2013.We requested BSNL Management to resolve superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines. BSNL should contribute 12% as Superannuation Benefits in respect of Direct Recruits, to fulfill the limit of 30% contribution and the effective date of implementation of Superannuation benefits of BSNL Recruited Employees must be 01.01.2007.

As per DPE OM 26.11.2008, CPSEs would be allowed 30% of Basic Pay as Superannuation benefits. So, BSNL should contribute at the rate of 12% Basic plus DA on monthly basis and 8.33% Contribution of BSNL and 1.16% of Government to EPS Fund should be continued. Further, as per DEP OM dated 24-1-2013, it has also been clarified that DEP OMs do not provide for mandatory contribution on the part of employees and suggested that employees contribution to their post retirement benefit would enhance their social security and therefore CPSEs can frame scheme as per their requirement. We suggest that the employee contribution in this respect should not be taken mandatory.

Recently BSNL Management has organized a meeting on 15.01.2014 with all the Unions/Association on this issue and insisted for providing only 2% additional contribution as superannuation fund. But all the Unions/Association including AIBSNLEA has submitted their crystal clear stand for providing the remaining 12% contribution as superannuation fund only.

  • Dir (HR) mentioned that to re-examine both the issues at Sl. No. 3 and 4, a high level (HLC) committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of ED (Finance).The committee has already heard the representatives of Associations/Unions and the report is being submitted shortly.
  •    Early Resolution of EPF anomalies with serious discrepancies in respect of Direct Recruited Employees of BSNL.

This Association has already submitted its crystal clear views about the Early Resolution of EPF anomalies with serious discrepancies in respect of Direct Recruited Employees of BSNL in its letter dated 30.01.2014.

Yearly EPF statement is being supplied to BSNL recruited Executives in response to our detailed letter and we are continuously monitoring the same. We requested Director (HR/EB) to resolve EPF issue for BSNL recruited JTOs at the earliest. GM (Estt.) & GM (CA) met EPF Authorities to centralize the EPF accounts online. EPF authorities clarified that EPF account of employees has been centralized at Regional Level and efforts are being made to centralize it on All India level shortly.   But even after a lapse of one year the EPF is not centralized. Hence, BSNL should centralize the EPF. Para-32 of EPF Act clearly stipulates that "no past contribution can be recovered from current salary of the employees, past arrear if any shall be paid by employer in respect of both the contribution". But in many field units in BSNL the past contribution has been recovered from current salary of the employees. A clarification may be issued to field units regarding the same including the refund of the already recovered amount.

BSNL has neither contributed for the diet allowance, nor for the stipend for the period of training, inspite of the mandatory provision of EPF Act. An order in this regard may be issued from BSNL CO for making both the contributions. BSNL Field units (except BSNL CO) are not providing the display of monthly EPF statement to the employees; Due to this the employees are unaware with their actual contribution and relevant shortcomings. Strict instructions may be issued to field units for providing regular EPF statement. The EPF slips are issued with a great delay by EPF authorities. Instructions may be issued to the all concerned IFAs to persue the same with EPF authorities to avoid the said delay.

  •  Dir (HR) mentioned that GM (CA) is taking solution of this problem and necessary instructions are being issued to all the circles to maintain proper EPF account of BSNL recruited employees. Already an EPF cell has been operated in BSNL CO under GM(CA).
  • CPCs to fill up the vacant PGM/GM/DGM (Engg.)/DGM(Fin), DE/CAO,SDE(T)/ AO equivalent posts in BSNL on Adhoc/ Regular basis.

A good number of PGMs/GMs/DGMs/DEs/SDEs equivalent posts are lying vacant since long. It is adversely affecting the viability of BSNL and causing stagnation in the career prospects of executives. Hence, immediate CPCs to be conducted to fill up all vacant Group -‘A' and Group-‘B' level posts.

  • CPCs from JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM (Adhoc) and DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular), Dir (HR) directed GM (FP) to initiate the CPC from AO to CAO immediately to fill-up vacant seniority quota CAO posts till the time 25% MT posts diversion decision is taken by BSNL Board.GM (FP) assured to examine the existing vacancies in the cadre of CAO seniority quota and to process the case to initiate CPC.

GM (FP) further mentioned that the CPCs from CAO to DGM (Adhoc) and DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) are in progress. VCRs are being collected to expedite the CPCs.

Regarding the CPC to fill up 1800 AOs posts, Director HR) has already given the approval to initiate CPC from JAO to AO. The clarification on SC/ST roster implementation as per Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh judgment has been asked from DoP&T through DoT. Dir (HR) directed GM (FP) to pursue in the DoT for an early reply.

Discussions on the CPCs in Telecom Engineering wing:

  1. CPC from SDE (T) to DE (T): Dir (HR) mentioned that CPC to fill up vacant DEs posts on regular basis was initiated but due to pending contempt case in the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh and SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court could not be completed. The SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme court came for hearing on 26.03.2014 and posted for hearing on 15.04.2014 and the contempt case in the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh is posted for hearing on 13.05.2014 after the settlement of the contempt case against operation of TES Group-B seniority lists no.6&7 the further action on CPC will be taken.

c)   CPC from DE(T) to DGM (Adhoc): Dir (HR) mentioned that CPC to fill up 480 DGM posts on Adhoc basis is in process but the promotion order will be issued only after the clearance from Hon'ble Supreme Court on 147 SDEs (T) LDCE quota seniority case. The case is listed for hearing on 07.07.2014 in the Hon'ble Supreme Court. GM (Pers.) apprised that legal opinion of Sr. Advocate has been taken in this regard and it is opined that 147 SDEs who have been granted "status quo" can not be promoted but to promote other DEs whose seniority is not disputed, clearance is required to be taken from Hon'ble Supreme Court hence, an application will be filed for clearance at the earliest. We requested for early action in this regard as our senior members are retiring every month without getting DGM promotion on none of their fault. Dir (HR) appreciated our concern.

d)   CPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T): Dir (HR)  mentioned that CPC process to fill up vacant SDEs (T) seniority quota posts is going on but the promotion order will be issued after the vacation of stay order on promotion from Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench. The case came for hearing on 24.03.2014 but could not be heard. Next date of hearing is yet to be pronounced. He assured as soon as the stay is vacated the promotion orders will be issued. We further expressed our serious concern against badly delayed CPC due one or the other reason wherein JTO 1994 batch is still waiting for his 1st functional promotion. Dir (HR) appreciated our concern.

7. Inordinate Delay in holding the 33% LDCE for the promotion of SDE (T): Personnel Section of BSNL Corporate Office has already notified the vacancies for the year 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-2013 to Recruitment Section. BSNL has a large number of posts of SDE (T) lying vacant. So the LDCE to fill up these vacant posts is the need of hour. This forthcoming Limited Departmental Competitive Examination from JTO (T) to SDE (T) should be conductedwith a single and common paper. We have submitted our views on this issue in our letter dated 22.01.2014.

Reply:  Dir (HR) mentioned that a committee headed by GM (TRG) to examine the proposal for reducing the existing papers in terms of single paper on Technical Matters and one paper of General Matters. As soon as the pattern of exam is finalized by the committee the LDCE will be notified. Dir (HR) directed GM (Pers) and GM (TRG) to finalize the papers within 15 days. GM (Pers.) also confirmed receipt of our suggestions in this regard. They assured an early action.

8.  Restructuring, Revision of pay scale of AD (OL) and Hindi Translators.

The committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Addl. GM(CP&M) Shri Harshvardhan has not yet finalized the report to restructure the AD(OL) cadre even after a lapse of one and half year. We request for early restructuring of the AD(OL) cadre as per 6th CPC recommendations and to provide promotional avenues as available in DoT/ Govt.

  • Dir (HR) directed GM (Pers) to take the report from the Chairman, Committee Shri Harshvardhan, Addl. GM (CP&M) at the earliest. GM (Pers.) immediately spoke with Shri Harshvardhan, Addl. GM (CP&M) on this issue and assured that within 15 days the report will be submitted.
  •             Regularization of officiating JTOs and removal of FR-35 pay fixation.

The Committee Constituted to amend the JTO RR-2001 has to submit its report. All the Unions/Associations have already given their views/suggestions in this regard. We request for early regularization of the officiating JTOS and removal of FR-35 Pay Fixation by giving pay fixation under FR-22-(1a)(i) to all the officiating JTOs as per the judgment of Hon'ble Apex Court.

Reply:  Dir (HR) mentioned that the committee constituted for modification of JTO RR-2001 has completed the report and will submit it shortly to the BSNL Management Committee for clearance and thereafter to the BSNL Board for approval. After notification of the new JTO RR – 2014, the regularization of officiating JTOs will take place immediately.   

  1. Grievances of PA/ Stenographers' cadre.
  2.   Post based promotions for PA/PS to PPS/Sr.PPS.  

With restructuring and declaring the cadre of stenographers as ‘dying cadre', the entry cadre is now Personal Assistants (Executive) with only one promotional avenue available as P.S., as against executives of other streams viz. JTO / JAO having promotional avenue upto the level of G.M. and above. In order to reach at least at the level of SG JAG (E-6) before retirement, we suggested the following post based promotion for the Personal Assistants:-

  • All the posts of Stenographers, Personal Assistants and Personal Secretaries may be pooled together and placed in the ratio of 40% (E-1) PA,  40%(E2) P.S. and 20 %(E3) PPS.
  • As per the recommendations of the H.K. Gupta Committee, all the HAG level officers may be provided with secretarial assistance at the level of E-4.
  • All Officers (PA/PS/PPS) who are in E-4 scale for a period of 5 years or have completed 23 years of service from the date of entry in the cadre may be promoted to E-5.
  • All officers who have been promoted to E-5 and have completed a minimum period of 3 years may be placed in E-6.
  • Dir (HR) directed GM (Pers) to form a committee to examine the issue of creation of PPS posts in field units as per the requirement of BSNL and the PA/PS cadre.
  •   Introduction of Promotion Policy for Stenos (Dying cadre).

There are about 251 Stenographers working throughout the country in the field units of BSNL.  Out of these 251,majority of the stenographers have completed more than 12 years and is placed in the pre-revised executive pay scale of 9850 & 11875 as the case may be at par with PA/PS.  The Stenographers who have been granted ACP in the executive pay scale ceased to be non-executives as per BSNL HQ order No. 1-22/2009-PAT (BSNL) dated 30.04.2009, yet the status attached to the pay scale has not been accorded to them.    Promotion policy for non-executives has also been notified now.  The only cadre which has been kept outside the purview of both the promotion policies is the Stenographers (dying cadre). Neither Executive Promotion Policy nor Non-Executive Promotion policy has been made applicable to this small group of Stenos drawing executive pay scale.  If no promotion policy is implemented, there is no scope of any Time Bound Promotion in future and have to retire from the present position when others may enjoy the benefits. This discrimination is against natural justice.

  • GM (Pers) informed that recently BSNL Board has approved to provide one increment benefit in NE-12 scale to such cadres which are not covered under NEPP & EPP.

11. Antedating of pay - anomaly due to accrual of increment of Junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale implementation of 2nd PRC.

We requested to BSNL Management to restore the original order dated 23.09.2009 wherein provision for ante-dating the increment of the senior to that of the junior was envisaged. Alternatively, management can think of any other solution that will address the issue of anomaly wherein the junior does not draw more pay than the senior and also the senior does not face any drop in his basic pay which he/she will be drawing by virtue of the 3% annual increment provided in the rule.  

  • We pleaded that BSNL CO's initial order on antedating of DNI was correct but later on it has been withdrawn and a wrong clarification has been issued herein senior executives are put in loss. Director (HR) instructed GM (Estt.) and GM (EF) to have separate discussions on this issue with certain examples wherein seniors are at loss on revised order. Shortly a separate meeting will be held on this issue with GM (Estt) and GM (EF).

12 Allowing exercising options to Departmental JAOs on their promotion who got promoted on or after 07.05.2010.

Allow to execute option to the departmental JAOs appointed after 7.5.2010. As 7.5.2010 was the "cut of date" for implementation of 2nd  PRC for non - executives and the pay of non-executives has to be revised w.e.f. 7-5-2010. We requested to consider that as special case wherein the JAO exam result was declared in March 2010 but they were sent to training centers later on in different months due to shortage in Training centre and these JAOs  could join after 7.5.2010 only and they are not allowed to exercise option  on promotion to executive cadre.

Reply:  Dir (HR) directed GM (FP) to submit committee report on this issue at the earliest. GM (FP) mentioned that one committee meeting could be held so far and next committee meeting will be arranged shortly to discuss the matter.

13.  Two weeks of training to executives whose pay is upgraded and on every promotion under EPP.

BSNL issued the letter no. 32-27/2004-Trg[Vol. VII] Dated: 18/02/2013 for relaxation in mandatory Training under Executive Promotion Policy for officers, who are of 55 years and above age on the date of their respective upgradation order, these officers will have the option of undergoing one week Refresher Course as a part of the mandatory training under EPP followed by appearing in online exam at the respective Training Centre. We further request to withdraw the Mandatory Training.

Reply:  Dir (HR) appreciated our concern and directed GM (TRG) to provide one/two weeks study leave to the executives appearing in on line examination. GM (TRG) assured an early action in this regard.

14.   Inordinate delay in settlement of disciplinary cases.

We have been requesting BSNL Management for the settlement of long pending disciplinary cases. Many cases are pending more than 7-8 years and no decision is given, causing undue harassment to the executives on promotions and retirement. As per CVC guidelines all the disciplinary cases needs early settlement.

Reply: Dir (HR) assured to send a letter to the CVO for an early settlement of the long pending disciplinary cases.15.  Modifications in Executives Transfer Policy for soft tenure stations.

We requested for an early action on amendment in transfer policy clause wherein the condition of serving 3 years in soft tenure station for one executive and further he has to serve some other SSA for next 3 years, thereafter, only his request may be  considered for posting to his choice of station. It is not justified and that is why these soft tenure stations vacancies in Telecom. Circles are not being filled up. Hence, immediate modification in Executive Transfer Policy for soft tenure stations is needed.

Reply: GM (Pers.) and GM (Rest) assured that after discussions on this issue the Management Committee Note will be prepared and sent to the BSNL MC shortly for necessary amendments in this regard in the Transfer Policy.

16.  Recruitment of JTO (E)/ JTO (TF) from TTAs cadre through LDCE.

In order to augment the shortage of JTO (E), we proposed to conduct LICE for TTAs having Diploma / Degree qualification in Electrical / Mechanical Engg by making provision in the JTO (E) RR. Also it is a fact that the working strength of JTO (TF) is very less than the sanctioned strength and direct recruitment is not taking place. So we proposed to conduct LICE for TTAs having Diploma / Degree qualification in Electrical / Mechanical / Metallurgical Engg by making them eligible through modification in the JTO (E)/ (TF) RRs.

Reply: Dir (HR) mentioned that as soon as the JTO (T) RR-2014 is approved by MC of BSNL Board on the same line the JTO RRs of other disciplines will also be modified immediately.

17.  Improvement in the revised policy for service GSM, RSTC & Broadband to Executives.

(a)  Enhancement of 200 free calls limit per month on RSTC, & enhancement of free call limit on GSM Telephone connection to STS level officer from 500 calls to 800 calls.

(b)  Executives working in BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi should be provided GSM service connection from the neighboring BSNL Circles falling under NCR.

(c)  Rent free Broadband service connection to all Executives with BSNL 750 plan.

(d)  All the BSNL executives should be provided GSM Handsets of the cost of Rs.3000/- Rs. 4000/- & Rs 5000/- to the JTO/SDE/DE level executives instead of Rs, 1500/- , Rs 2500/- Rs 3500/- respectively.

(e)  All Executives' should be allowed CUG facility on RSTC at circle level.

(f)   Allowing 3G Mobile service to all Executives.

Reply: GM (Admn) mentioned that the feedback on the issues raised by the association is being taken on number of beneficiaries and financial implications on it. GM (Admn) assured that decision in this regard will be taken within three months.

At last Dir (HR) further mentioned that the management is open to discus the grievances of executives through negotiations rather than agitation approach. We appreciated the concern of Dir (HR) and clarified that AIBSNLEA is always for negotiations only but agitation approach is taken under compelling circumstances only when BSNL management is not responsive to the legitimate issues. We hope that the assurances given during the meetings will be honored in full for the settlement of the issues. We extend our sincere thanks to CMD, BSNL, Dir (HR), GM (SR), GM (Pers.), GM (Estt), GM (Restructuring), GM (EF), GM(FP), GM(Admin), GM (CA) and DGM (SR) for giving patent hearing and holding elaborate discussions on all the issues for their settlement in a time bound manner. We assured our full cooperation. On the issues related to viability of BSNL submitted by this association in the form of resolutions of 4th all India conference held at Nasik. Dir (HR) assured to have a separate meeting on these issues.


Attention ALL BSNL Pensioners (pre and post 2007) Retired prior to 10-06-2013As the issue of 78.2% IDA merger for all pensioners (Executive and Non- Executive) is getting delayed and there is no sign of early settlement, we request all pensioners to participate in the "Individual Letter Campaign". Pensioners can write the text in two inland letter cards or may take printout and post in envelop to Shri M.F. Farooqui, Secretary(T), DoT and ShriKapil SibalHon'ble Minister of Communications and IT, New Delhi. Kindly spare some time and participate in the campaign for the sake of deprived pensioners.  <<<Click for the TEXT>>>


CS,ACSs attended a seminar organised by the Dept. at Conference Room TB on 26/03/2014.An overview of forthcoming NGN technology & ERP package were given to the leaders of Unions & Associations.CGM,PGM & other Sr.Officers of CTD were present.Mr.Tripathy DGM/ITPC Pune delivered the pen-picture of ERP programme implementation.In his concluding lecture CGM informed that CTD may touch even cross marginally last year's revenue.He said that it should be our stepping stone to turn around in future.

In this connection we are congratulating our members to be a part of this effort in the appeal of CGM/CTD.




Executive committee meeting of TBZ Branch held on 20-03-2014 at TBZ Club Room.CS,ACS(F) & FS attended the meeting.Circle  President​(who is also Branch President) presided over the meeting.BS presented the activity report and discussed about some problem about AO(works) position & JAO/Staff section.CS elaborated about present organisational position and intimated about status of different pending cases at All India level.It was decided that AGB of the Branch will be held on 6th May 2014(tentatively).


CS,BS/West,BS/North,ACSs alongwith other Branch & Circle OBs met PGM/HQ.Following discussions has been taken place:

1.Huge OFC & other cable cut in Howrah,Srirampur & North area due to massive infrastructure development by other agency : We pointed out some cases and requested to arrange for some co ordination at higher level between our dept.& other agencies such as PWD etc so that prior intimation can be obtained.It will be helpful in restoration/protection of our network.

2.Posting of SDE/DE/DGMs in different vacant post : Several post under GM(West) at different area including NSCBTTC lying vacant.We demanded that according to seniority list SDEs may be given charge of DEs,DEs may look after DGM post.Dept.should take proper steps as per rule.PGM appreciated our view.

3.Vehicle,AC,BTS & Vmux Problem : We pointed out about scarcity of vehicle at remote parts of Howrah & Srirampr and some parts in Barakpur also.PGM assured us that centralised tender process for hired vehicle is at final stage.The problems may soon be overcome.

About ACs in different RLUs PGM informed that we will have about 126 new ACs for different RLUs at Howrah,SMP,North,BKP,BDN probably  in the next week.This will solve the problems of life expired ACs.Faulty ACs may be repaired on case to case basis by putting up file as AMC will be costly.

About installation Vmux at Paikpara RLU & BTS in Manirampur PGM informed us that both the cases are under active consideration at suitable level & will soon be solved.He will pursue the cases.

4.Problem about Job Contract Labor payment : Particularly in SMP area one/two contractors are not giving wages to the laborers timely,creating problems every month.We requested to take steps in this regard.We also wanted the fate of Job Contract Tender.

PGM informed that the Preparation of tender process is at final stage,it will soon be floated.

5.Development of CTD :  PGM discussed about generation of demand especially about BB among the customers.We suggested some process.PGM appreciated our view.We assured that the members of AIBSNLEA will continue to play active role for the development of CTD.PGM assured that at every level representatives of AIBSNLEA will be consulted under GM(west) for development.

We also settled the leave case of DE/Chinsura.

Later after giving representation about the process of giving imprest in central area we met GM(S) and gave him a copy and discussed about fruitful regularisation of the payment procedure.


Mrs.Indramoni CAO/TN Circle admitted in Apolo Hospital,Salt Lake.CS/TN requested our CS to take care.Accordingly on intimation from CS Biswajit Chakraborty President/North & CWC member went there and met the relatives of Mrs,Indramoni & helped them in all respect.We pray for her speedy recovery and appreciate the role of President/North.

Son of Kalpana Sarkar,member of TB,met an accident and admitted in a nursing home at Barackpur.We contacted her and got the intimation that he is stable and out of danger.We pray for his speedy recovery.


As news received from ACS , Sovan Pal Chowdhury JAO/TR/North our young member admitted in nursing home owing to serious illness. We pray for his speedy recovery.


On 12-03-2014 CS alongwith ACS(F) attended the OPEN SESSION of Circle Conference of NFTE=BSNL/CTD at CTO Hall.In his deliberation CS thanked Com.C S Singh GS NFTE-BSNL for his commendable role in Forum in organising protest against MTNL-BSNL merger.He also gave clarion call to forge unity between Executive-Non executives associations/unions  in CTD in order to fight the vices of merger and other derogatory moves by BSNL/Govt.Leaders & others present there appreciated our view.


CS has confirmed from GS that the next hearing date for JTO-SDE(67%) will be 24-03-2014(Monday),it was mentioned as 23-03-2014 in CHQ Site inadvertently,BS/North pointed out this anomaly.


On 04-03-2014 CS,ACSs & President met CGM/CTD and discussed the following:

1.Strengthen DSA system: We requested CGM to make some arrangement such as co-ordination meeting ,etc in order to increase the demand generation and speedy supply of modem to the customer.CGM appreciated our view and agreed to instruct.

2.Job Contractor Problem in some Area:In Howrah,Srirampur and Central area some particular contractors are creating problem in making payment to the workers causing disruption to work & unwanted situation.We drew attention of CGM to the fact and demanded process to removal of such contractors if required.This may be referred to the purview of HPC.

We also demanded immediate settlement of 'Soap-Towel' distribution to the laborers. CGM assured to look into.He also agreed to refer the case of removal of disturbing job contractors to HPC.

We demanded immediate processing to float new tender in CTD regarding Job contract scheme,CGM assured to look into.

3.Posting of SDE/DE in different area: We demanded rationalization of distribution and posting of SDE/DE/JTOs  in  different  field  particularly in external section. We pointed out that there is a large number of executives are engaged in less important section while there is a serious crisis in external section.

CGM agreed to refer the case to GM(HR) for proper measure.

4.Pending vigilance cases: CGM apprised latest status of different long pending cases and assured for early disposal as far as practicable. 

5.Posting of Cashier: We informed in some Areas Imprest/Temporary Advance are being disbursed to executives through A/c Payee Cheque in their personal Account on the plea of absence of cashier.We objected this practice without having any deptl circular. We demanded either to regularize this practice by issuing deptl. instruction or to stop it immediately.We also requested to float option for posting of cashier.

​CGM admitted that this practice is annoying to the concerned executives.He assured to look into the case and take suitable steps.

5.Sending of JAO ACR/APARs for promotion: We pointed out that APARs of JAOs who completed 3 yrs to be sent to BSNL CO along with 2 yrs ACRs in the previous cadre.This is unambiguous in the circular.But some misinterpretation is going on in the SEA section.

CGM agreed to refer this point to GM(Fin) so that proper steps can be taken.

6.Transfer of Tridip Chakraborty from AO/Works for some reason: We requested to consider this transfer due to some obvious reason.CGM said that this is the case of Accounts wing,generally CGM does not intervene.After some discussion it was accorded that Sri Tridip shall apply to the deptt.(through proper channel) with a copy to the CS/AIBSNLEA. CS will forward to CGM to consider the case.

CGM agreed to forward this matter to GM(Fin) for suitable disposal.We hope that the case may be solved early.    


CS,ACS(F) & FS met Sri R.K.Palai who left CTD to join as Spl Dir(IT) of Odisha Govt. on deputation on 02-03-2013 and greeted him and also express our concern for an efficient officer like him to abandon CTD at this critical juncture.We express that we will feel his absence. He also commented about our co-operation in an SMS to CS.This is really tell upon efficiency of CTD.We wish his success at his new assignment.

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