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All Circle Office Bearers,executives and Branch Secretaries are requested to meet every Thursday at Association Office in the Evening from 4-30 PM  

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APPEAL OF CGM/CTD to achieve target this year(click here)

DIARY ORDER 2014(click here)


CS,ACS and other members attended the SEMINAR on Improvement of service & financial viability at CTS,Alipur organised by BSNLEU,CTD.CGM, PGM & GM(HR & Admn.) were present.Leaders of other unions & associations were also invited. 

CS ,in his deliberation,pointed out indiscipline in attendance is the main cause of downfall in work culture of CTS,he proposed that EARS may be re-introduced for all with suitable measures.Lack of coordination between different authorities like KMC,Police and other operators is another cause of sudden cable cut.Uncontrolled TU actions sometimes cause of service interruption,lack of materials is also hindrance for improving cable condition ,as a result BB service is affected.Transmission N/W, OFC cut needs to be attended quickly. If we can ensure these things certainly our service will be improved and we can retain customer in CTD.


CS & President met GM(Fin) today and discussed about recent posting order of accounts wing.We requested to modify some transfer orders GM assured to consider as far as possible.


CS & ACSs alongwith CS,AIGETOA met GM(HR & Admn.) on 08-09-2014 and informed him about the MOU of the two associations.They informed that like everywhere in BSNL in CTD also these two associations will negotiate jointly.Discussion about importance & relevance of this co-ordination and about our joint demands taken place.

We conveyed our dissatisfaction regarding some transfer & posting orders being issued after long time and then suddenly changed in an unlikely and unprecedented manner.We also expressed our anxiousness regarding inordinate delay in DE posting.GM informed CGM is out of station,posting order can be issued after CGM is back probably on Monday.


Condolence !

Mother of Com.Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay CS/CTD passed away on 22/08/2014 at 0215 hrs.

CS had to rush for Kolkata from CWC,Hyderabad on 22/08/2014 early morning.Everybody on the dais including GS & President condoled the sudden demise & one minute silence was observed in memory of the departed soul.

Later at Kolkata our comrades from North branch attended at the residence of CS and paid homage through garland on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD.Com.Subir Banerjee ACS,Com.Asok Ghosh Branch Treasurer & Com.Barun Das were present in the crematorium at Panihati during the last rites.Com.Susanta Das BS/North arranged all effectively.

By hearing this news many officers,staff & members and friends & others  conveyed their sympathy to Com.Prasun  personally or over phone.

He hereby coneys the gratitude to all of them for standing by him and his family at this critical moment.

We on behalf AIBSNLEA/CTD Circle convey our deepest condolence to the bereaved & pray may the departed soul rest in peace. 


CWC meeting held at RTTC Hyderabad successfully.On 21/08/2014 CS submitted the report of CTD (click to see the copy)

25-08-2014:Detail report of CWC:

23.08.2014:   Joint Open Session of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA Details:-


Open Session of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA on the occasion of CWC meet of AIBSNLEA and Annual General Body Meeting of AIGETOA was held on 23.8.2014 at 11.00 hours in the Telecommunications Auditorium, Asman Mahal, BSNL Staff Quarter Complex, Hyderabad.

The function was commenced by Lord Ganesha Vandan and Dance by Kum. Hari Nitya, daughter of Com. Suresh, BSNL employee, Hyderabad.

Com. B S Reddy on behalf of the A P Circle AIBSNLEA welcomed one and all and invited the dignitaries on the dais.  He mentioned that the meeting is combination of experience and energy joining the hands together that is AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA

The dignitaries on the dias Hon?ble Chief Guest Shri N K Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL,  Guests of Honour Shri Anupam Srivastava, Director (CM/Finance), BSNL Corporate Office, Shri V Srinivasan, CGM AP Telecom Circle, Shri Kalyan Sagar, CGM NATFM, Hyderabad, Shri S S Aggarwal, GM (Personal) BSNL CO., Com. Kaushik, GS TEAM, MTNL, Delhi, Com. Kabir Das, GS Officiating JTO Association, Com. R P Shahu GS AIGETOA, Com. Abhishek Choudary, Vice President, CHQ, AIGETOA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA, Com. P Venugopal, President CHQ AIBSNLEA, Com. Amit Gupta, Sr. Veteran Leader and the AGS AIRBSNLWEA Com. J Saibaba CS AIBSNLEA, AP Circle were felicitated by presenting with Bouquets Shawls and Mementos.

The function commenced by lighting the lamp and prayer by Kum. Hari Nitya.

Com. J Saibaba CS AIBSNLEA, AP Circle in his welcome speech briefed the career histories and achievements of Shri N K Gupta, Director (CFA), Shri Anupam Srivastava, Director (CM/Finance) and thanked.  He also thanked CGM, AP circle for the support he extending to the executives of ASIBSNLEA, CGM NATFM for granting NATFM for holding the CWC in the RTTC Campus, GM (Personal) for issuing promotion order of SDE to DE (Regular).   He also welcomed all the dignitaries on the dias.

Com. P Venugopal, President CHQ AIBSNLEA welcomed all the dignitaries on dias. 

<< Click here for the Speech of President, AIBSNLEA >>

Com Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA CHQ thanked the dignitaries on the dais for attending the open session. GS in his speech informed that the Central Working Committee Meeting of  All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Executives? Association being held here in Hyderabad which is one of the historical city in India.

<< Click here for the detailed key note address by the G.S. AISBNLEA >>

Com. Abhishek Choudary, Vice President, CHQ, AIGETOA addressed the gathering.  

  << Click here for the Speech of V.P. AIGETOA >>

Com. R P Shahu GS AIGETOA addressed the gathering.  At the outset thanked the AP unit of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA for making such wonderful arrangement for the meeting.

<< Click here for the detailed Address by GS AIGETOA >>

Com. Kabir Das, GS Officiating JTO Association in his speech requested to settle the long pending issue of amendment of JTO RR to take care of the officiating JTOs.

Com. Amit Gupta, Sr. Veteran Leader and the AGS AIRBSNLWEA   in his speech mentioned that retired officer never get any chance to address the Board level officers and thanked the AP circle for giving an opportunity to address the gathering.  He demanded 78.2% IDA fixation to the pensioners? for the executives who have been retired prior to 10.6.2013.  If it is paid at least for one month prior to the retirement without any arrears, there will be substantial difference in the pension.  He also mentioned that the medical facilities for the retired officers are very poor.  The bills of pensioners for outside treatment are pending for years together.  He thanked GS AIBSNLEA for taking up and pursuing the demand of the pensioners for 78.2% IDA fixation and giving a change to address the grievances in the forum.  

Com. Kaushik, GS TEAM, MTNL, Delhi in his speech mentioned that the people joining the Govt. service for the social security and employment security.  He has mentioned that there is lack of HR management in the BSNL.  Earlier days, the then Govt. were mentioning that the JTOs are the back bone of the organisation.  Both the BSNL and MTNL are in loss just because of the wrong policies of the Govt. for which the employees are not responsible.  It is for the BSNL management to appraise the case to the Govt. When there is a clear cut direction that 30% benefit has to be granted the reason for not implementing the same is not known.  The option in BSNL and MTNL has been given by the employees out of compulsion. The children of the many of the senior have completed engineering and working in private sector and changing the job frequently without any loyalty to the company.  Whereas, these young graduate engineers are having loyalty for which they are being punished by the BSNL management.  There should not be any pay difference in the officers between BSNL and MTNL.  The pay scale drawing by the MTNL should be immediately paid by the BSNL.  He requested to the officers of the board level management to take a decision to grant E2 scale to the JTO/JAO and equivalent officers.  He has also mentioned that many of the young officers are leaving the BSNL after serving for 3-4 years and taking training with the expenses of the BSNL due to the wrong HR policies of the BSNL. With the change of time personal management has gone and Human resources management is in force.  The work force is not the liability of the management it is the responsibility and asset of the management. He demanded that there should be no disparity between MTNL and BSNL, immediate implementation of 30% benefit to the youngsters and within 20 years the executives entered in E2 should reach to E11scale.

Shri S S Aggarwal, GM (Personal) BSNL CO on behalf of the HR heads of the BSNL management wished best wishes for the joint open session.  He mentioned that there was a head of circle conference in the Delhi during last two days and all the heads of Circles are putting their best efforts to revive the BSNL. He mentioned that MoC in the heads of the circle conference has communicated that new Govt. wants the BSNL to perform its best.  It is seen that all the board of Directors are working hard for the better of the BSNL and putting their maximum efforts.  It was because of these Directors that these many DE posts could get filled by diversion from the DR quota.  The management of BSNL is working for the benefit of its employees and public.  He agreed that the workforce is the assets of the BSNL.  He mentioned that almost all the senior officers are in the verge of retirement and the young officers are only going to run the BSNL in the future.  He requested to have faith in the BSNL management, he mentioned that BSNL management is with its workforce.  He mentioned that in order to balance out the shortages, there are some transfers in the recent DE regular order which is part of the promotion.  He informed that the syllabus of the JTO LICE has been simplified. He mentioned the Com. Prahlad Rai is a matured leader taking care of all the executives.

Shri Kalyan Sagar, CGM NATFM, Hyderabad conveyed all the best on behalf of the E.D. (Finance) who could not attend the function.  He mentioned that we have assets and liabilities.  The workforce is Human capital.  There are as many as opportunities as much of the employees.  The brand name of BSNL should be converted into brand equity with joint efforts.  He demanded the BSNL top management to give hope to its employees.  As regards the pay fixation of JAO 2010 batch  will be taken care.   He mentioned that Delloittee consultant has not contacted any of the CGMs before finalizing their report and demanded the BSNL top management to take care of these matters.  He mentioned that it is painful to make such report without consulting any of the CGMs.  NATFM will support for any cause to strengthen the BSNL management.  He also wished best wishes to the CWC.

Shri V Srinivasan, CGM AP Telecom Circle  mentioned that he has attended the meeting of the MoC, wherein MoC has informed that Govt. has made many programmes to improve the telecom services in the country which needs step by step progress.  MoC also mentioned in the HoCC that BSNL have been losing customers as well as financially.  The customer perception about BSNL is not positive.  Blaming each other is the human weakness.  He has mentioned about the revenue collection and net loss of BSNL. He also mentioned that 78.2% IDA pay has resulting in 110 crore less revenue for the last year in the AP Circle.   He mentioned about the status of the ITI and mentioned that when there is no money in the company no association / unions will exist.  He also mentioned that it is our responsibility to prosper the BSNL instead of talking about individual prosperity. In the organization for doing work everybody want approval from the boss, but at the same time for taking salary from the bank, they do not want any permission from boss. When we get the salary at the end of the month, it is our personal responsibility to discharge my duty without any direction from boss.   The destiny of BSNL is in our thoughts words and actions and we have to see that we create a good destine for the BSNL. Only when we are ready to take temporary pain then only you can get long term gain. He has also mentioned that he has a good co-ordinal relation with the AIBSNLEA team of AP.

Shri Anupam Srivastava, Director (CM/Finance), BSNL C.O mentioned that the employees and the officers are the actual assets of the BSNL.  13000 crore is being paid towards the salary per annum to these employees.  He mentioned that he is happy to be here in the joint open session of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.  He mentioned that ?H? in the word Hyderabad stands for Honesty and he has started his career in ECIL, Hyderabad.

He mentioned that during his first interaction with the MoC, MoC has mentioned that Govt. has done lot of injustice to the BSNL and now want to improve it and all the Directors should work hard failing which they will not be spared.  He mentioned that if we approach with commitment, success cannot run away from us. He also mentioned that united respective efficiency can lead us to the destination and get success.

He mentioned that AIBSNLEA maintains the website efficiently with entirely details which many of the senior officers visiting to get the information.  He also mentioned that there is good transparency in the AIBSNLEA, wherein everybody is allowed to express their views.  We have allowed other operators to compete with us freely instead we should have followed the policy of British Telecom who is the operator of the telecom operators, not sharing of copper cable with the private competitors were not right, thirdly not sharing the tower timely.

He also mentioned that now we are growing with negative revenue in the Mobile business and need commitment from the CGMs and his team to install the towers in time to start earning the revenues.

Mobile Data is the future growth of the BSNL and the voice business has gone and the same is taken over by data.  The key business is in the Data and the landline asset should be utilized to strengthen the data network.  He mentioned that together we can achieve a better future for the BSNL.

Shri N K Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL C.O informed that Secretary Telecom has convened a meeting on Tuesday afternoon to discuss about the revival of the BSNL.  He mentioned that Board of Directors are not the owner of the BSNL, they are also answerable to their superiors.  When there is no money with BSNL how can be made the payment. He informed that the day is not far when we have to take loan to pay the salary.  We have to increase the revenue from Mobiles services.  He mentioned that the BSNL management has good respect towards the young generation and it is for them to see that the BSNL prospects.   BSNL management is always having soft corner towards the young generation and wants to consider the demands of the AIGETOA.  However, when the financial constraints come on the way, the decisions are delayed. 

He mentioned that as per the discussions with the MoC, Govt. is serious about revival of BSNL and MTNL. Because of the security reasons, BSNL should continue for the country.  He further mentioned that there is lot of disconnection in Broadband throughout the country which needs immediately action to arrest the trend.  This is one of the major reasons for loss of revenue.

BSNL has modernized the website of BSNL making it more customers friendly and take many services. He told that, implementation of the NGN switch in progress throughout the country, which needs fullest co-operation and action from the executives. He mentioned that some miscreants want the BSNL should not grow by making illogical complaints about tenders and all put allegations on the genuine officers, which we need to take care.  He wished all the best to the open session and expected that good decisions will be arrived out of the discussions to improve the BSNL.

GS AIBSNLEA mentioned that before joining of Shri N.K. Gupta, there was no tender available for any of the equipments and materials has started arriving at the field office which gives some relief to the field.  He also mentioned that there are loans for procurement of the equipment, and behalf of the executives GS assured the BSNL management that all the executives will work hard and support the BSNL in turn to the Nation. He also mentioned that there are many vigilance complaints against the leaders and the associations will stand with the BSNL management and will not allow any miscreant to damage the growth of BSNL.

Com. Guru Prasad, DGM & President, AIBSNLEA, NATFM, Hyderabad expressed vote of thanks. He thanked both the Board of Directors for attending the function despite of their busy schedule.  He thanked CGM NATFM, CGM AP circle, GM (Pers) all other veteran leaders.  He expressed his thanks to both the GSs and Presidents of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA for giving the opportunity to arrange the meeting at Hyderabad.  He also thanked Kum. Hari Nitya for her performance.  He also entire team of A.P. for their hard work in arranging the meeting.  He thanked one and all.

The Open Session commenced at 11.30 hours and ended at 18.00 hours with National Anthem

CWC meeting resumed to discuss the pending items of the Agenda at 18.30 hours. After detailed page wise discussions, the GS report was approved.

The venue for the next CWC meeting is tentatively decided at UP (East) Circle

Regarding viability of BSNL and on HR issues resolutions were adopted.  CWC expressed its serious concern against the non-settlement of the pending pressing HR issues and authorized CHQ to launch organizational action programmes in case the issues are not resolved in reasonable time.                    

Regarding movable and immovable assets not transferred by the merged DoT recognized Group B officers? associations with AIBSNLEA was serious viewed by the CWC and directed CHQ to take legal actions in this regard immediately.

A resolution was moved by West Bengal Circle and seconded by Gujarat Circle appreciating the Host Circle for their wonderful boarding, lodging, transport and food arrangements and comradely care to the CWC members in making CWC meeting a grand success.

The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair.  President Com. P. Venugopal declared the CWC closed at 19.30 hours.  

Joint Open Session of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA

22.08.2014:   Joint Central working committee meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA

Joint Meeting has authorized both the General Secretaries  to press for the immediate settlement of the long pending grievances and if required to launch trade union actions.

22.08.2014: Joint Central working committee meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA

Formal MOU has been signed by both AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA


22.08.2014:   Joint Central working committee meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA

Joint Central working committee meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA commenced at RTTC Hyderabad.  Meeting continues....

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21.08.2014:  CWC at Hyderabad has been started....

The Central Working Committee meeting of the AIBSNLEA held on 21st to 23rd August 2014 at Hyderabad.  The meeting commenced at 9.30 hours at RTTC Campus at Hyderabad with hoisting of Association flag in the presence of Central Head Quarters office bearers, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries, Special invitees and CWC members from all over the country.  After hoisting of the Association flag by Comrade President, Comrade  Prahlad Rai, GS and gave slogans like 'BSNL' Zindabad, 'AIBSNLEA' Zindabad, CWC Meet  Hyderabad Zindabad  in the pleasant weather & warmth of unity. Com. P. Venugopal, President requested everyone to assemble in the Conference hall to commence the meeting and requested everyone to participate calmly and  actively in the discussions and co-operate with the dias and host circle to conduct the meeting fruitfully and resolve various issues.

Com. K. Jairam on behalf of the host circle and reception committee, welcomed all the participants and invited all the CHQ office bearers to the dias.  All the CHQ office bearers were felicitated by presenting Bouquets.

The meeting started with prayer.

Com. P. Venugopal, President  of AIBSNLEA presided over the meeting. President in his opening remarks briefed the agenda and programme of three days.  He also informed that there will be a joint CWC meeting of AIBSLNEA  and AIGETOA in the afternoon of 22.8.2014 and Open Session on 23rd morning, wherein Senior officers from BSNL Head Quarter is expected to address the gathering.  He requested everyone to co-operate with the dias in completing the agenda points and various important issues in the crucial period of proposed membership verification. He welcomed all the CHQ Office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, special invitees and requested all to fully participate in the deliberations and make the CWC a grand success.  He appreciated the efforts taken by the A P Circle Secretary and his team for wonderful arrangement. 

Com Saibaba C S AP welcomed everyone.  In his welcome speech, he mentioned that this is the first such meeting after formation of Telangana District and making Hyderabad as its Capital.  He thanked CWC for giving a chance to host the CWC at Hyderabad.  He also expressed his gratitude to the RTTC and NATFM and its management for allowing to hold the meeting in its premises.  He also appealed the members to report any short coming to the reception committee, which is expected at any such huge function, inspite of maximum efforts by the circle leaders and members.

Agenda circulated was unanimously approved by the CWC with minor changes

Two minutes silence observed in memory of the departed comrades.

After Self introduction, the agenda items were discussed

The minutes of the CWC meeting held on 5th and 6th April at Guwahati were confirmed unanimously.

Before the Circle Secretaries report, Com. G.S. briefed that all the Circle Secretaries while placing their reports should explain the organisational activities on membership verification. the efforts are being made by the circles to increase the membership and to become no.1 executive association after referendum.  All circle secretaries presenting their reports and it is continuing.......

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CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA/CTD held on 16-08-2014 at Association office. Veteran leader Com Amit Gupta was present. BSs and other members discussed and resolved the issues to be raised in CWC Hyderabad by CTD (from-21-23 August 2014).CS,President,CWC members & Adv(East) are going to attend the CWC.A joint CWC with AIGETOA will be held in Hyderabad on 23-08-2014.

It was resolved unanimously to forge unity with AIGETOA with full force to achieve number 1 position in forthcoming verification.


Protest against retrograde recommendation of Deloitee Committee organised throughout CTD on 12/08/2014 in the call of Forum.In every workspot our members took part in large number.In TB President AIBSNLEA took part and delivered speech on behalf our organisation.CS took part in Entally Exch.Other leaders took part in their workspot.

All the leaders pledged for strong protest to to the committee recommendation which is not only detrimental for employees but also for department.


Executive Committee meeting of South Branch held on 12-08-2014 at Russa Exch. Members attended and discussed their problems.After thorough discussion it was resolved that we should thrive hard to achieve number one position. 


Forum for BSNL Executives & Non Executives /CTD met 11-08-2014 at Tele Bhavan.CS,President,ACSs attend the meeting on behalf of AIBSNLEA.It has been decided unanimously that Gate Meeting/Lunch hour demonstration to protest against retrograde report of Deloitee Committee will be organised in every work place on 12th August 2014.

All Branch Secretaries/Circle OBs are requested to hold/participate the massive demonstration on 12/08/2014.


In CTO Hall a joint meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA WB was organised on 02-08-2014.Circle OBs, BSs ,BPs and active workers of Tele.Bhavan branch of CTD attended.On dais Com.Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay CS,Com.Tridip Chakraborty President and Com.Prasun Kumar Mukherjee Adviser (E) were present on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD.Com. Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharjee OS(E) & CS/WB conducted the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Com.Swapan Bose ,President AIBSNLEA/WB & Com.Prasant Jain,President AIGETOA/WB. Com.D.K.Sahoo CS AIGETOA/CTD was on the dais.All the leaders on the dais in their speech congratulated national leadership of both the organisations for making this aspiration of unity into reality.They explained that this unity is need of the hour and serve for the betterment of BSNL.

Com.Prasun Mukhopadhay CS explained in detail the background of this unification and stated that AIBSNLEA always supported the justified demands of AIGETOA.He emphasized on joint struggle to overcome sinister moves and false propaganda to other associations who are very much afraid of this unity.

Com. D K Sahoo CS/AIGETOA/CTD stated that AIBSNLEA historically supported AIGETOA in all positive movement without any predatory attitude and the decided to suppot this umbrella like organisation which is fighting for the betterment of all executives such as, Enginnering, Accounts,Civil,Electrical,PA/PS,AD(OL)s etc from the very beginning.He also acknowledged the role of our veteran leader Com.Amit Gupta in forging this unity.



As per decision of Circle Coordination committee every Branch Secretary is requested to organize branch level meeting immediately in the presence of circle committee members to fix the future course of action and to form unit level coordination committee.(NAME AND CONT NOS. OF UNIT COMMITTEE MAY BE INFORMED TO CIRCLE COMMITTEE)



A strong coordination committee in circle level & all branch levels are formed in a meeting at AIBSNLEA/CTD association room on 28-07-2014.The meeting was presided over by Presidents of both associations.Veteran leader of telecom executive movement Com.Amit Gupta was present.Com Prasant Jain,President & Com Subhasis Pal from AIGETOA/WB attended the meeting.Representatives from all branches including BS & BPs of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA participated & presented their views emphasizing the need of joint & united endevour of ours to defeat the sinister move of other associations to break the unity of all class of executive.Com D.K.Sahoo Secretary AIGETOA/CTD expressed that views and movements of AIGETOA was always honoured & supported by AIBSNLEA in every previous occasions.These two organisations are natural allies.Com Prasun Mukherjee Secretary AIBSNLEA/CTD heartily welcomed all the comrades of AIGETOA and congratulated them for their effort.He emphasized on the necessity of united movement of all executives foe achieving our long-term goals like cadre hierchy,settlement of promotional issues,etc.

In his deliberation Com.Amit Gupta revealed the development by which these two organisations came near to forge unity according to the 'need of the hour'.He also expressed that in some places of WB other organisations are adopting some unethical means to terrify or to allure executives to take them into their fold but all of these are bogus because we are united to achieve far larger goal for betterment of executives as a whole as well as BSNL.

All the leaders expressed unequivocally their strong belief that we will not only emerge as number one association in the forthcoming verification but also this unity will go further as this is not a mere election alliance.

It was also decided that the Circle leaders, BSs, BPs and active workers from TB,TBZ & Hare St will attend the joint meeting at CTO on 2nd August 2014 on behalf of CTD. 


1.Com Amit Gupta -Advisor(9433000088)

2.Com.Tridip Chakraborty -President AIBSNLEA/CTD  (9433000488)        3.Com.Amit Das -President AIGETOA/CTD(9433400401)

4.Com.Prasun Mukhopadhyay-Secretary  AIBSNLEA/CTD(9432000184)    5.Com.Deepak kr.Sahoo -Secretary AIGETOA/CTD(9432000014)

6.Com.Subhasis Mitra -ACS   AIBSNLEA/CTD(9432001010)                      7.Com.Saikat Das ACS AIGETOA/CTD(9432000019)

 Name & Tel.Nos of members of Branch level Co-ordination committee formed will be uploaded soon.    

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